Paleontologists say that giant dinosaur bones may be the largest land animals to run from the earth

Argentine palaeontologists have discovered fossilized remains of the 98 million-year-old Titanosaurus that they say may have been the largest animal to walk the Earth.

A team of researchers from Naturals y Museo, Universidad de Zaragoza, and Universidad Nashiel del Comahu, actually found the remains in 2012, but excavation work only began in 2015, according to the paleontologist Jose Luis Carbolido of Museo Agidio Ferruglio. In a new report published in the Cretaceous Research Journal, the group found what they had found.

“In this contribution we present a massive titanosaur sarcoprod from the Candelrose Formation (Cenomanian, approximately 98 mA) of the province of Newquence, composed of an apparent sequence of 20 anterior plus 4 posterior vertebral vertebrae and numerous appendicular bones. The addition of Andeso in form proves the presence of a second taxane from the Candeleros Formation, and is considered to be one of the largest sapropids found so far, possibly exceeding pagotitans in size, ”the published report says.

Patagotitan is a species that lived from 100 million to 95 million years ago and it was 122 feet in length and weighed over 70 tons. According to a Wednesday statement by the CTYS Scientific Agency of the National University of La Matanza, the new discovery is 10% to 20% larger than that attributed to the Patagotitans.

“It’s a giant dinosaur, but we expect to find a lot more of the skeleton in future field visits, so we’ll have the possibility to address it with confidence about how big it really was,” Alejandro Otero, Argentina’s Museo Palta, a paleontologist with De La, told CNN via email.

But researchers don’t really know what they’ve found.

“While physiological analysis does not currently allow us to relate as a new species, morphological inequality and a lack of equivalent elements regarding co-taxation also prevent us from assigning this new material to previously known genera. A preliminary phytolanetic analysis places this new specimen in a polytomy with Bonitasora, based on the clade leading to Lognacosauria. The report states that a specially reported report states that the Lat in the province of Newquen The onset of the Cretaceous indicates the coexistence of the largest and medium-sized titanosaurs with small-sized ribabiscorids, indicating potential niche division. reported, “Titanosaurs belong to the sarcoprod family, which means they were vegetarians, had large bodies and had long necks and tails.” “Such dinosaurs would have had little concern with meat-eating enemies if they had grown to full size. Their fossils have been found on all continents except Antarctica. Researchers have concluded by observing that more excavations in this area will likely lead to more fossils from the same dinosaur and perhaps evidence of its true size. “

Paleontologists are still searching for more body parts, buried deep in the rock, especially large female or humerus bones, which can be used to more accurately estimate the body mass of a long-extinct creature is.

“We have more than half of the tail, a lot of hip bones,” said Carbolido, who also worked on an assortment of cabbage a few years ago. “It’s apparently still inside the rock, so we have a few more years of digging.”

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