Pakistan: not satisfied with Pak’s cooperation in the war on terrorism: EE. UU –

Pakistan: not satisfied with Pak’s cooperation in the war on terrorism: EE. UU


The United States is not satisfied with Pakistan's cooperation in the war against terrorism as part of its strategy for South Asia and yet sees Islamabad taking measures to "control" the Taliban and the Haqqani network, a senior official Trump administration said

He also called the launch of the Bombay terrorist attack accused Hafiz Saeed as "a step back" in that direction.

The official said that the launch of the Coleman family, held captive for five years by the Haqqani network, from within Pakistan was not "an indication" of Islamabad's cooperation with the US. UU in the war against terrorism.

"Our diplomatic pressure, as well as the diligent work of our own intelligence agencies led to the release of the Coleman family. Therefore, I am not sure if that qualifies as a step forward (for Pakistan as part of the Strategy of South Asia announced by President Donald Trump in August), "said the official.

"We are happy that the Colemans are free and have been released But we are still waiting for Pakistan to take measures to reign in the Taliban and the Haqqani network, we are not satisfied that they have done anything significant on this front," he said. .

The United States, the official said, now has a different approach to Pakistan. "We hope Pakistan will take action against the sanctuary of terror in its territory." "

Recognizing that Pakistan has not taken the steps it promised after the announcement of the South Asian Strategy, the senior administration official said that the White House still hopes that Pakistan sees that it is in its interest to cooperate in the United States Strategy in Afghanistan.

"But we have not seen any significant changes yet. We still have hope. And we recognize that some of these changes take a little time and that they would not necessarily happen overnight.

"But we expect to see these changes within a certain time frame, our patience is not unlimited when it comes to the steps we expect them to take," he said.

The Trump Administration has been very specific with Pakistan on the steps it must take, we have established very specific steps that must be taken to degrade the activities of these groups and to facilitate a genuine dialogue, said the official.

"But, I do not think we have seen significant steps in that direction, so we are still waiting, observing and monitoring (Pakistan) very closely." We still hope that we will see Pakistan take some of those steps to end the Taliban, the Haqqani network, and ensure that there are no safe havens, so that these groups continue to operate inside Pakistan. "

The United States, the official said, would be looking for very active Pakistan in the next weeks and months.

He said that by spring, the Trump Administration would expect to see some real efforts in a "genuine" peace process, since it is not interested in talks for the sake of the talks.

" We would like to see a genuine peace dialogue between the Afghan government and the Taliban. We know that the Taliban have made progress in recent years. Then, until they are convinced that they are not going to have a sanctuary in Pakistan, we do not believe they are ready for the talks.

"They will continue to believe that they can advance on the battlefield instead of negotiating a table," he said, adding, "Therefore, we have to see that Pakistan makes sure they do not have a sanctuary inside Pakistan. At that moment, we evaluated that they will really be ready for genuine negotiations with the Afghan government. "

The White House official, however, refused to give a timeline for actions in Pakistan, saying that he thinks it would not be useful.

"But I just want to badure you that we are thinking in terms of schedules and we are monitoring progress and expect significant actions in a certain period of time and we are prepared to implement new policies and take different measures if we do not." "I see some progress," he said.

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