Padres acquired Joe Musgrove in trade from pirates, according to reports

A busy office continues to work for the Pittsburgh Pirates’ pitcher starting Moosegrove, per the San Diego Padre report.

Musgrove, a 28-year-old who posted a 3.86 ERA for the Lowly Pirates in 2020, is headed to San Diego in a three-team trade including the head of the organization’s head for the Pirates, ESPN’s Jeff Passon reports Will purify a package of possibilities. . During this, The Mets will acquire left-handed starter Joey Lucchesi from San Diego, Kevin Ace of the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

Out of a breakout campaign, the Padres have already acquired Blake Snell and Yu Darvish this offseason to supplement their opening rotation.

Joe Moosegrove is reportedly joining the new look for the San Diego Padres. (AP Photo / Ron Schwane)

Musarov is a more supporting cast for his star-level talents, but they deeply represent that the Padres will need to compete with the vomiting Los Angeles Dodgers. His results have tended to be solid rather than excellent, but he posted a career-best 33.1 percent strike rate in 2020, perhaps hinting at breakout potential.

As the Padres continue to stock arms, this deal raises questions about the health of Dilsen Lemet. He was the emerging ace of the 2020 Padres but missed the playoffs due to injury.

For pirates, count this step as a new branch in the Jerit Coal Trade Tree. After coming to the deal, Musgrave spent three seasons in Pittsburgh, which saw Cole take his transformational steps for the Houston Astro.

The head, the top prospect headed back to the Pirates, is a highly touted 19-year-old center field prospect that ranks MLB Pipeline seventh in a loaded San Diego system. Denis Lynn of Athletic also led left-handed pitcher Omar Cruz to the Pirates. They are also reportedly receiving an Andy Rodriguez, No. 14 Mets prospect, as a rotation option for New York Land Luchesi.

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