Padders of home pimpers vs dodgers

“Who is he?” There is a new weekly Yahoo Sports feature that exposes a baseball player that you should definitely watch this week. We are not talking about Mike Trouts and Max Schrezers of the world, instead it is new and interesting players. Maybe a hot prospect who is called just for a moment or an experienced role player.

Perhaps you’ve heard: The San Diego Padres scored a lot of home runs. In fact more than 28 other teams in MLB. He also has a knock for home runs this season that his opponents take exception to. Previously, it was Fernando Tatis Jr. and now it is Trent Grisham.

Baseball likes to hate criminals of unwritten rules, so this is only one reason why Grisham’s name is in MLB headlines. other? He is another young Padres player during his surprise season.

Heading into Tuesday night’s game, the Padres are just 1.5 games behind the first-ranked Dodgers in the NL West. Grisham’s homer earned his eighth straight win and now San Diego has 32 wins, just one less than the Dodgers MLB-best 33. Grisham is one of the reasons for this.

Trent Grisham after his homer off Clayton Kershaw. (Photo by Matt Thomas / San Diego Padre / Getty Images)

Why do you need to know it?

Let’s start with Homer, which certainly matters. It equaled Monday night’s game 1-1 in the sixth. The rest of the priests exploited Grisham’s energy and threw five more in the seventh to eventually win 7–2.

Grisham’s reason for being excited was: It was a game-tying homer in the Padres’ big series with first-place Dodgers. And, hey, it’s a homer of the future Hall of Famer – when you’re 23-years-old in your second big-league season, it’s something that gets adrenaline pumping.

He turned to the Padres dugout, praised his dinger and was a very cheerful trot around the bases that seemed to provoke the Dodgers dugout. He was much favored by the Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts (who is usually more progressive than the typical baseball fuddy-dudis) and some other fans who opposed the same old tired honor-argument.

Roberts told reporters:

“I don’t think people are praising a homer, certainly it’s a big game,” Robert said. “Really like the player. But I just felt like bashing home plate against a guy like Clayton who has been respected in all the big leagues for what he’s done in this game. I just There are some exceptions to this. ” Respect that you give a man if you homer against him. “

Padres countered with manager Jayce Tingler:

“It fired us up, and we had fun. We play the game right, we respect the game, but we’re going to have fun, and we’re going to be drawn to each other. For us, that’s all Hee. “

Where did he come from

Count Grisham as another good Padres acquisition. He is a former No. 15 overall pick for the Milwaukee Brewers, who was traded to San Diego in the Luis Uris deal for this past descent. He played 51 games in Milwaukee last year, with six homers.

This year, he has taken a step forward with a .272 average, nine homers and 20 RBI. He has played in every game for the Padres, becoming one of his most trusted outfielders. In fact, apart from Manny Machado and Tatis, no one is more valuable to Pader than Grisham this year. According to FanGraphs, he is worth 2.0 WAR.

Is that a hit-wonder?

It does not seem so. While Grisham did not get as much shine as Uris when the Brewers-Padres deal was signed, he proved to be a valuable contributor in San Diego. This does not mean that she is going to be Tattis level talent next year. But he appears to be a long-time contributor to a Padres team, which does not just give Dave Roberts and the Dodgers ilm, which happened once in 2020.

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