Packers lead, Saints and Seahawks still alive for NFC home-field advantage

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The Packers are ahead in the race for a home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs, but the race will be down to Week 17.

The No. 1 seed race in the NFC will be scheduled for Sunday between the Packers, Saints and Seahawks, all of whom will kick in at 4:25 pm ET.

The simplest part is the Packers’ best record in the NFC at 12-3, so if they beat the Beers on Sunday, they take home-field advantage.

But if the Packers lose to the Bears, the 11-4 Saints and 11-4 Seahawks still have a chance. The Saints will win a three-way tie, so a Saints win with a Packers loss and a Seahawks win will give the Saints a home advantage.

The Seahawks would win a two-way tie with the Packers, so the Seahawks win, a Packers loss and a Saints loss would give the Seahawks a home-zone advantage.

If the Packers lose, the Saints and Seahawks lose, the Packers get home-field advantage.

The good news for NFL fans is that none of the top teams in the NFC have won their playoff seed, so we should expect the best teams to play all of their starts in Week 17.

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