Packers among 13 teams over the $ 180 million minimum salary cap

The Green Bay Packers have a lot of company when it comes to breaking the new $ 180 million minimum salary cap for the 2021 league year.

According to Over the Cap, the Packers are still nearly $ 20 million over the minimum limit. They sit at $ 19,990,681 more as of Friday. Six other teams have $ 20 million or more, while six other teams have between $ 1 million and $ 19 million.

Like the Packers, several other teams will have to make tough decisions about players in the coming weeks. General manager Brian Gutekunst is in a tough spot, but it’s not necessarily a challenging position in terms of other NFL teams.

Assuming a salary cap of $ 180 million, these are the teams that are currently terminated, via Over the Cap as of Friday, February 19:

Team About the cap
New Orleans Saints $ 69,500,461
Philadelphia Eagles $ 47,266,668
Los Angeles Rams $ 33,986,331
Pittsburgh Steelers $ 30,671,664
Kansas City Chiefs $ 23,132,376
Atlanta Falcons $ 20,283,889
Green Bay Packers $ 19,990,681
Las Vegas Raiders $ 18,675,669
Minnesota Vikings $ 9,449,781
Detriot lions $ 8,175,122
Chicago bears $ 2,503,900
Tennessee Titans $ 2,192,236
Buffalo Bills $ 1,011,351

These teams, including the Packers, will have to lose their salary before the start of the new league year next month.

The Packers have already settled more than $ 8 million by converting David Bakhtiari’s roster bonus into a signing bonus. It was a long-awaited move. General manager Brian Gutekunst has other ways to clear the boundary enough, including extensions, restructurings or cuts.

On the other side of the cap coin, 10 NFL teams have $ 20 million or more of cap space, so some teams may be able to clean up cheap veterans after cuts.

It is noteworthy that the entire NFC North is currently above the minimum wage cap. It could be a quiet offseason in terms of player acquisition within the division.

The only NFC playoff teams from last season currently under the cap floor are the Washington Football Team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Seattle Seahawks.


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