Packers Aaron Rodgers, Matt LaFleur defend Marquez Waldes-Scantling after fumble in Otters

Marquez Valdes-Scantling’s stumble on the second play of overtime to set the Indianapolis Colts ‘game-winning field goal came just moments after the Green Bay Packers’ receiver arrived, with Ary Rodgers hitting a 47-yard pass. Took a deep ball into the game. Tying field goal in the final seconds of regulation.

This is Vallades-Scantling in a nutshell: an electrifying catchment area one game and deep down a crazy mistake the next.

“I know he’s really hurting right now,” Packers coach Matt LaFelur said after Sunday’s 34-31 loss. “He made so many plays for us and not only in the pass game, but in the run game, stuff that you guys probably don’t even notice that we’re not getting the yardage that we get if he doesn’t get his ass Is stopping

“So I can live with MVS. I’ve probably come to believe in him more than ever now. I think he’s been getting better every day and every day. Every time we go there, he’s big. Provides drama. “

Although Welles-Scantling grabbed only three catches for 55 yards, LaFleur pointed to a pass interference penalty that he drew late in the second quarter that gave the Packers a touchdown to take a 28-14 lead. It was a 51-yard penalty on Colts Cornerback Rock Ya-Syn.

“I can live with MVS, and we’ll continue to be with him and hopefully he can continue to get better and better and better,” LaFleur said. “And I had complete faith in him in the world.”

Rodgers said something similar.

“I love Marquez a lot,” said Rodgers, who threw a swing pass to Valdes-Scantling in the left flat on the second play of overtime, only to see the ball knocked out by Julian Blakeman and recovered defrost Buckner. “I look at the man every single day, see how much he cares about it. It happens unfortunately. A lot of it is fundamentals, moving the ball, but I have my fair share of fumbles. It’s just Was a bad time. ” Obviously … but this stuff happens. He made a big play at the end of regulation to get us 3rd and 10th. Disappointed for them, disappointed for us. “

Welds-scantling, which was not made available for post game interviews, Said in a tweet He received death threats after the game, but said that his team was his back.

This was Vallades-Scantling’s first career in 42 matches, but he was prone to drops and missed opportunities. He ranked 152nd out of 153 qualified receivers in catch percentage (50%), according to ESPN stats and information. He was below 50% until he caught four of his six goals against the Jaguars last week, and he ranks second among qualified receivers in drops (five).

The Packers were hoping he would be more consistent after his last two games – four catches for 133 yards against the Jaguars and two touchdowns the previous game against the 49ers. Instead, it was another overtime game in which Rodgers got a chance to do some work by magic at the end of regulation, though there were questions about the final field goal drive and why he swung the ball twice instead of taking another shot or Two in the end zone.

“It’s something we’ll go back and look at and see how we can improve things,” LaFleur said of the two spikes. “You know, handsite is 20/20, and we ended up scoring a field goal in the fourth, with not a lot of time left for them to go back down and score. Sure, I’m sure. That’s some time. We could have done better, but I was proud of my effort to go up against the really good defense from the 6-yard line and come down the field. I felt Aaron, I felt He has batted. I thought. Played his ass, made a lot of plays for us. It always hurts when you don’t come up with the result you want. “

There were also questions about the fourth-and-1 decision – and Plessel – in a 31–28 game left from the Colts’ 34-yard line in 3:11 regulation. Rodgers threw an incomplete pass to run back Jamal Williams.

“The play was for Davent [Adams], And they doubled him, “Rodgers said.” We actually beat backwards. That is why I was not allowed to expand this drama. I threw it too far for him, but again, the play was for Davante. I liked the aggression from Matt. “

Rodgers went 2-8-1 in overall games, including the playoffs. He attempted 17 passes in those game times and lost four times without losing the ball and three times on turnovers. Rodgers made two of three turnovers.


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