Pa. The government, Wolf blamed Trump, state Republicans declare COVID shutdown ‘unconstitutional’

A day after a federal judge declared Pennsylvania’s coronavirus-related lockdown orders “unconstitutional”, Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf promised to appeal the ruling to “inflame fear” on the state’s Republican-majority legislature The accuser responded.

Wolf, who was speaking at an event highlighting Pennsylvania’s new mail-in balancing procedures, began by responding to the decision of Judge William Stickman IV. Stickman was appointed to his post by President Trump.

“There is no point in arguing a decision,” he said. [have] What we have done is upheld … but what is not up for debate is that our initial and decisive action saved people’s lives. ”

Wolf accuses the federal government of “here”[ing]”During the coronovirus epidemic, the White House’s response contrasted with that of myself and Pennsylvania Secretary Rachel Levin.

“Our hospitals were never overwhelmed and research suggests thousands of lives were saved,” he said.

Wolf claimed that most Trivillavians refused to “buy conspiracy theories or phony misleading” from Trump or the state’s Republican-controlled legislature.

“[Most Pennsylvanians] Wear a mask They maintain a distance, “he said.” They are clever about how they interact with others. They are responsible. ”

Wolf also singled out the president, saying that he “could do nothing except stare at his cellphone and share messages of hatred, division and dissolution.”

After Stickman’s rule, Trump retweeted a look at the news and positive reactions to it. Last week, during a rally in Westmoreland County, he sought to “reopen” Wolf.

The governor called on the state’s Republicans to “get serious about the recovery” and “not celebrate the court’s decision”, refusing to help anyone “themselves”.

Since Wolf declared a state emergency in March, very few Republicans and Democrats in the legislature have tried to repeal the emergency – often citing businesses being financially closed due to newly imposed regulations, And alleged that the Wolf administration would work adequately with their disparate branch of state government.

“[C]Contrary to misinformation from the legislature, we have been reopened, “Wolf has continued. And we are able to successfully manage outbreaks and reduce risk while trying to bring some normalcy into our lives.” . ”

After an increase in red, yellow, and green through traffic-light-themed boundaries from late July to late May, the administration has recently imposed new restrictions on restaurants and bars that would ban service in physical bars Are and require patrons to make plans to consume alcohol. Incident capacity restrictions are still in effect across the general nation.

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Stickman’s rule was observed by many in the state’s Legislature’s GOP majority, with state Sen. Doug Mustriano, a Gettysburg Republican, writing on social media that the Governor’s “abuse of power” to do so violated by federal judge As has been done. Your freedom – choose to walk as free people.

Over the weekend, Mastrino addressed a “Freedom Rally” at the Capitol Steps in Harrisburg, with speakers calling for Wolf to fully open Pennsylvania’s economy and condemn the sanctions as generally damaging.

Another speaker in that protest was State Rape. Ryan Diamond, a Lebanese Republican who legislated to “end” Wolf’s executive emergency order. The governor recently vetoed the bill, and the legislature failed to override but state Republicans promised to run the veto override at a later date.

“I introduced this bill [to terminate Wolf’s order] On 17 March, the next day after closing the restaurant, because I thought, ‘Well if it goes bad’ – I never knew it would go bad. So we put it in for a veto override, and of course, our friends on the other side [of the aisle] “No, we want to be with Tom,” Diamond explained in the comment on Saturday.

Diamond also raided Levin’s order that people wear masks in certain situations such as schools and businesses.

Fox News’ Andrew O’Reilly contributed to this report.

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