Pa. Coronovirus sees an increase in percent positivity, lists 17 counties to watch, many of which are home to colleges

Pennsylvania reported fewer coronovirus cases between Sept. 4 and Sept. 10, then did it seven days earlier, but the state also saw an increase in its percent positive results.

The news included a release that listed several counties that are being monitored, many of which are home to college campuses.

Pa. Secretary of Health Department, Dr. Rachel Levine began briefing reporters on Monday afternoon with an important message for university and college students. It has been requested that social disturbances are practiced, facemask worn, and large group gatherings avoided because many campuses have more than the usual confirmed coronovirus cases since the fall semester began . It also reminds that if someone tested positive he could hear the quarantine and he used everyone to wash his hands or use a hand cleaner.

“I want to highlight two areas of the state that have seen the greatest growth: in north central Pennsylvania, in April, about seven percent of the cases were in people aged 19 to 24,” Levine said. “So far in September, 69 percent of cases in north central Pennsylvania are of children aged 19 to 24 years.

“In the Northeast, six percent of cases were in 19- to 24-year-olds in April, and by September, 40 percent of cases are in that age group. In the rest of the state, we are seeing an average increase in the number of cases from 19 and 24 to 24-year-olds compared to April. “

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Levine did not reveal which counties make up those areas, but the state’s initial surveillance dashboards indicate that. Here are the 17 counties monitored for “calculated percentage-positivity”:

  • Colombia (13.4%)
  • Indiana (10.7%)
  • Juniata (10.3%)
  • Center (9.2%)
  • York (7.4%)
  • Fulton (6.7%)
  • Armstrong (6.5%)
  • Chester (6.5%)
  • Butler (6.2%)
  • Franklin (6.2%)
  • Montour (6.2%)
  • Beaver (5.7%)
  • Clarion (5.5%)
  • Mercer (5.4%)
  • Dauphin (5.2%)
  • Green (5.1%)
  • Upcoming (5.1%)

The statewide percentage-positivity rate increased from 4.0 percent to 4.2 percent between September 4 and September 10, but the number of statewide new COVID-19 cases decreased from 490 to 5,502 to 5,012.

“The biggest lesson we’ve learned from this epidemic is that we are all interdependent with each other, in every way really”.

“The virus has gone through every social barrier because asymptomatic individuals can unknowingly and unknowingly commit others. We should unite. We must unite in our efforts to prevent this virus and to do more harm to our communities, our families and our friends. “

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