Pa. Coronavirus update: case count 110K; 16 more deaths; Collision in statewide hospitals; Leh Valley sees most new cases in weeks Pa. COVID-19 County Case Map (07/29/20)

Coronavirus cases in Pennsylvania have exceeded 110,000 as the rate of new infections continues to rise.

834 new positives reported Wednesday that the state’s total case count is 110,218 since the epidemic was first identified in March. More than sixteen deaths were reported, Pa at 7,162. COVID-19 died.

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Locally, the Leh Valley has moved for a third straight day with no coronovirus-related deaths. But a combined 68 new cases were also seen in the two counties of the Valley, the highest in a week.

According to data from the Pennsylvania Department of Health on Wednesday, the number of COVID-19 hospitals statewide reached its highest level in the last days of June with at least 50 new patients.

Here are your Pennsylvania Coronavirus updates for July 29, 2020.

Pa. Coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus case rate of Pennsylvania has been increasing since mid-June. As of Wednesday, the seven-day average of new cases was 975 and climbing. The rate has not reached 1,000 since May.

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The largest cities in the state again counted the daily case on Wednesday. Allegheny County of Pittsburgh had 125 new cases and Philadelphia had 111, per state figure.

The Philadelphia suburb of Delaware County, which topped 100 new cases a day earlier, reported 62 on Wednesday. Only one other county, Montgomery, had more than 50.

The Department of Health estimates that 75% of Pennsylvania’s coronovirus patients have recovered so far. Young adults comprise a large percentage of cases in recent weeks, but residents 65 and older still represent the majority of hospitals and deaths.

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There is an overall increase in COVID-19 testing, but the rate of positive tests in Pennsylvania. The low rates indicate that the test is catching full spread of the virus in a community. High positivity rates indicate that only the sickest people are being tested.

Pennsylvania has a positivity rate of 6.1%. The World Health Organization recommends a rate of 5% or less when considering economic reintegration.

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( calculated the Pennsylvania rate by taking all new cases made in the past seven days, not counting duplicate tests tested, the same method used by Johns Hopkins University. The Department of Health has a lower rate. Creates a list based on. All Tests conducted.)

more: Pa. With interactive charts. How to interpret COVID-19 data

COVID-19 bump in hospitals

In one day, about 50 more people entered hospitals in Pennsylvania with COVID-19 infection, according to available data on Wednesday. This seems to be the biggest bump in weeks. At least 756 executables are now hospitalized with the infection.

The hospitalization rate for seven days in the state – 723 on Wednesday – is higher than when it reached its lowest point at 611 earlier this month. In April, around 2,800 Axelwelians were hospitalized.

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“I think it’s expected,” Health Department spokesman Nate Wardley told “We know that hospitalization starts a few weeks after the cases, and that’s what we’re seeing. Resurgence of cases now takes place in the southern part of the state, which is why it’s so important that people wear masks Are doing social disturbances, avoiding big gatherings, washing their hands, and staying home if they are sick. “

According to Atlantic’s COVID tracking project, in nationalization, hospitalization figures have been uncertain, as changes in reporting systems give hospitals a number directly to the US Department of Health and Human Services rather than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention It is said to do.

Wardley said the Pennsylvania Department of Health receives its data directly from hospitals and hands it over to the federal government.

Coronavirus in Leh Valley

According to state-level data, there have been no coronovirus-related deaths in the last three days in the Leh Valley, and two deaths have been reported in the past seven days.

However, Wednesday’s daily case number for the two counties of the Valley was 68, the highest since June 20. (The counties were also added for 67 cases on Saturday.) Northampton County has opened a new trial facility, but most of Wednesday’s cases were Lehigh’s. County.

As of Wednesday, there were 8,581 cases and 624 deaths in the Leh Valley Valley. it breaks:

  • 4,775 cases and 335 deaths in Leh County, an increase of 42 cases on Wednesday.
  • A rise of 26 cases on Wednesday, 3,806 cases and 289 deaths in Northampton County.

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