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When it involves the disputed contract extension that may (or received’t) be signed by Commissioner Roger Goodell, the issues of Cowboys proprietor Jerry Jones apparently prolong past Goodell’s compensation package deal.

In a Friday look on 105.three The Fan in Dallas, Jones defined his issues, whereas additionally confirming that he has employed a lawyer to deal with the state of affairs.

“The news account were right in this respect,” Jones mentioned. “This is such an important matter in light of all that’s going on in the NFL right now that I basically feel that this extension of Roger should go and be reviewed and approved by all the owners, not just a few of the owners. And the committee that basically negotiates the salary with our Commissioner is taking the view, especially the chairman [Arthur Blank], that they in a limited group can complete this agreement. And I disagree. I think that we should with all the interest and commitment that we have throughout the ownership — this is the most aware ownership, the smartest ownership if you will, to a man, to a team, is more sophisticated in knowledge, is more involved in the operations of these clubs. So . . . on the extension of the Commissioner that everybody should not only really get involved but make their own decision. So this is simply about making sure that all clubs have input in not only what the Commissioner, his extension, but also in future years his decisions. And we all see how impactful a Commissioner’s decision can be in many areas. We’ve given him a lot of power. I think we need the checks and balances of ownership of actually having be in a position to not just suggest but approve of his decisions. So that’s what this is about.”

So it’s about Goodell’s cash and his energy. The drawback, nevertheless, is that the homeowners granted the Compensation Committee the authority in May to barter and finalize a five-year extension. Absent proof that the Compensation Committee is exceeding its authority or that the authority was not legitimate, Jones wants 23 different homeowners with a purpose to undo that which all of them determined to do six months in the past.

Absent 24 complete votes, Jones appears to be inclined to make use of the authorized system to get what he needs. He declined to disclose his plans in that regard.

“I know [the next step], but I wouldn’t want to get into that right now,” Jones mentioned. “There is strategy involved here. And that’s, I guess, with everything, there’s strategy. But there’s certainly strategy in this. But I’m well founded and I’ve got good advisers and I do know what I’m talking about here.”

Jones mentioned that what he finally needs is the flexibility of the homeowners to present up-or-down approval to the ultimate settlement negotiated with Goodell. Maybe that’s what they need to have completed within the first place: Allow the Compensation Committee to barter the deal, then approve it.

Regardless, it doesn’t appear unreasonable to incorporate another step that might require 24 homeowners to present a thump’s as much as the contract earlier than Goodell and the league put their signatures on it. Whether that’s what they need to have completed within the first place, it doesn’t appear to be too late to do it now.

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