Owner of the Giants: “Without guarantees” The work of Ben McAdoo is safe


New York Giants co-owner John Mara says the changes are coming to the team and hinted that coach Ben McAdoo's job could be in jeopardy before the end of the season.

When the journalists asked him on Wednesday if McAdoo's work is safe the rest of the season, Mara answered "there are no guarantees in life". He added that the Giants "obviously have some decisions to make this dead season."

He pressed more on McAdoo's performance this season, Mara said "we're 2-9, we're 2-9."

Mara's comments come a day after the Giants put the quarterback Eli Manning on behalf of Geno Smith before Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders. McAdoo said the "emotional" decision was made to do "what's best for the organization."

Mara provided more information on Wednesday about the decision, saying she spoke with general manager Jerry Reese "a week or two ago" with the idea of ​​giving Smith and Davis Webb time. The original plan was to let Manning, who took over the Scout team on Wednesday, start the games and then "make the other guys work."

"On Tuesday morning, Jerry called me and told me that Eli had informed Ben that if you played against Geno in the second half, you could still start with him," said Mara, according to James Kratch of NJ.com . "It's not fair to him, it's not fair to me, I think that would be the best decision for the future, he also wanted us to issue a statement to announce it, so that's what we did."

In retrospect, Mara said she understood why Manning would not be on board when he was taken out of the games. When asked if the Giants could address the situation in a better way, Mara said, "It probably exists, but tell me what it is"

"I did not want it to come out that way," Mara said. "But I understand his feeling, and I respect his decision, he does not want the streak to get foggy just by getting some series."

Mara said it was hard for him to see Manning excited on Tuesday while talking about the Giants' decision. He said he had a "very emotional" talk with Manning on Wednesday morning and told him he did not want to see Manning "leave like this."

"Obviously he is not happy with the decision, but he understands it," Mara said. "He's a special player and a special person, when you see him excited, it's difficult."

Although Mara told reporters that "I still should not have written [Manning’s] obituary", she made it clear to the Giants "I do not know if [playing the other QBs] will give us all the information, but it's better than nothing," said Mara , according to NJ.com. "Obviously, we will have a great draft pick and there will be QB available"

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