Owl and Lion featuring Drake Bliss DJ DJ Khalid with Iced-Out Chain

There is no doubt that Drake is a generous boy, especially when it comes to friends.

On Tuesday, DJ Khalid took to Instagram to show off a huge, iced-out pendant he recently received from Drezzi. The custom piece features the OVO owl mascot as well as a key and lion, both references to the popular Khalid catchphrase. Fans may have seen Drake with a similar pendant in Khalid’s recently released “Popstar” video starring Justin Bieber.

“Thank you very much. This gift means a lot to me,” Khalid said in an Instagram video. “… Khalid and Drake. Drake and Khalid. It’s also special when we connect … completely idol-out. It’s so heavy, it’s quality. Look at the owl, look at the lion, the key. Look at … Drake was wearing one, now I’m one. It’s called brother. Drake, thank you very much for your friendship. It’s beautiful. “

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