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Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event returns with new Mei content

It's beginning to look a lot like a seasonal event for online games, and Overwatch is presented with the return of their favorite Winter Wonderland holiday festival. This will once again cover the King & # 39; s Row map in snow and holiday decorations, and Blizzard Entertainment also confirmed that it has changed the Black Forest map to celebrate the holiday gifts.

Like Winter Wonderland last year, players can expect the opportunity to obtain a number of legendary masks appropriate to the theme. For example, Mei and Tracer wear Santa hats and elf clothing. The director of Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, also promises that new legendary designs will come soon. Events like Winter Wonderland are important for a game like this because they keep players interested and can convince some players to spend money on microtransactions. This allows Blizzard to keep the game running and profitable, even when giving away characters and maps at no additional charge.

While Winter Wonderland is a rebirth of last year's event, Blizzard is bringing some important new additions. Once again you can enjoy the Global Snowball offensive mode that has a Meis team throwing fresh powder balls at them, but now you can also play that mode on the Black Forest map.

Blizzard is also presenting Mei's Yeti Hunt. This arcade mode has a team of five Meis facing a yeti in a boss-fight battle. The most important thing here is that a player will really control the yeti, which is an active version of Winston. This means that a squad of six players can queue for Yeti Hunt and take turns playing as the Yeti against their friends.

"I know many of you are thinking that this sounds a bit silly and a bit ridiculous," Kaplan said in his video to the Overwatch community. "Well, I'm here to tell you that it definitely is, but the goal of some of these seasonal fights is to be fun, light and refreshing for a short period of time."

When the Winter Wonderland event ends, we'll take the Mei Yeti Fighter. So, this is something you can do for now to mix your Overwatch action, and then you can start counting the days until the next Winter Wonderland event.

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