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Overwatch League week 1 power rating | Entertainment

The first weekend of the Overwatch League was fantastic. All the teams showed up, played great games and made surprises too.

Last week I gave my first power ranking for the league. Well, this week the rankings in addition to the top three changed drastically. So, here is my new Overwatch League power rating.

1. Seoul Dynasty (Last Week: 1)

Kim "Fleta" Byung-sun was the best player this past weekend. The only map that Seoul lost was for Junkertown in its first game against Dallas Fuel. And after a close victory of 6-5 on the map of the Temple of Anubis, they achieved a 2-1 victory. They also defeated the Los Angeles Gladiators in a tough 4-0 game. The Gladiators are still finding out what they like on each map, but until then they are surpassed by the Dynasty.

2. London Spitfire (Last week: 2)

London's star player DPS and MVP series Ji-hyuk "Birdring" Kim was unstoppable with his Solider 76 and Genji. They decisively beat Florida Mayhem, 3-1. They analyzed the Mayhem game style and controlled the whole game. They also easily handled Philadelphia Fusion, 4-0.

3. New York Excelsior (Last week: 3)

In addition to Fleta, Kim "Pine" Do-hyeon is easily the most popular player in the league. He only played two maps in the Overwatch League and was the best player of McCree last weekend. Every time he was excluded, he left with a touch. That shows the depth of this New York team when they defeated Boston Uprising, 3-1, and Houston Outlaws, 3-1. This team plays with the arrogance of New York City, and fans love it.

4. Los Angeles Valiant (Last Week: 6)

The Valiant of Los Angeles dominated in the first game of the Overwatch League against the San Francisco Shock, beating them 4-0. Terrence "Soon" Tarlier's performance with Widowmaker and Tracer was a tonic against Shock. Ted "Silkthread" Wang was dominating with his Genji against Dallas Fuel, and they won 3-0 against them. They have two very difficult confrontations against New York and London this week. Let's see what they can do against the teams that have already balanced this time.

5. Los Angeles Gladiators (Last Week: 7)

The Gladiators have the best duo support in the league. Jonas Samuel "Shaz" Suovaara and Benjamin Ville Apeli "BigGoose" Isohanni played fantastic in both matches with Shanghai and Seoul. Once this team takes control of their formations, they can dominate. Although they lost to Seoul, 4-0, this team still has a lot of talent and will compete for a place in the playoffs.

6. Philadelphia Fusion (Last Week: 12)

So how do they do it in Philadelphia? This team had a pre-season nightmare and got angry with the Houston Outlaws, 3-2. Jae-Hyeok "Carpe" Lee, the number one player in the Overwatch ranking in the world, was great with his Tracer and Widowmaker. Charles "Boombox" Isaac and Joona "fragi" Laine played well for the Fusion. His second game was not so good, losing to the London Spitfire, 4-0. They have the San Francisco Shock and Los Angeles Gladiators this coming weekend.

7. Boston Insurrection (Last Week: 9)

The uprising first faced the New York Excelsior, losing 3-1. However, they responded very well with their 4-0 victory over the Florida Mayhem. Jonathan "DreamKazper" Sánchez and Namji "STRIKER" Gwon led the way for the Uprising. The two DPS players with the help of their best tank, YoungJin "Gamsu" Noh, gave New York everything they could handle. This team is still sleeping. With them facing tough confrontations against the Seoul dynasty and the clash of San Francisco, we could really begin to see what this team is capable of.

8. San Francisco Shock (Last week: 8)

This team simply will not show its full potential until the full squad is of legal age. The Shock were surpassed by Los Angeles Valiant and they fought against the Shanghai Dragons without life. There were some bright stars for this team, as Andrej "BABYBAY" Francisty was the main force of the Shock last weekend. They have more difficult games next week. If they can defeat the Fusion or Gladiators, they will advance in the list. Until then, this team is not where everyone predicted they would be.

9. Houston Outlaws (Last Week: 5)

The Houston Outlaws have a problem. Jake Lyon is a world-class elite with his offensive plays, but with a team that has nothing but assassins, the team simply is not connecting. It's something about these OpTiC teams in all competitive games. Jiri "LiNkzr" Masalin, Matthew "Clockwork" Dias and Lyon need help from their tanks and supports. It probably will not matter when they face Shanghai, but it will do against Dallas' fuel for the Battle of Texas.

10. Dallas Fuel (Last Week: 4)

The most disappointing team this weekend would be the Dallas Fuel. The Seoul dynasty was shocked, beating them in Junkertown in the first game. After losing, 6-5, in the Temple of Anubis to the Dynasty, they simply were no match for the attack. After that highly competitive match, they dropped another game with a disappointing loss for Los Angeles Valiant. They need to go back to what they were doing during the preseason. They have the players to be great, it was probably just a bad weekend. We will see how they do it this weekend.

11. Florida Mayhem (Last week: 10)

Kevin "TviQ" Lindström was trying to lead this team throughout the weekend. They took a game of the London Spitfire but in the end they were defeated, 3-1. They were also covered by Boston Uprising, 4-0. Florida needs to make moves in the trading window later in the season to get more depth. If not, they are in deep trouble.

12. Shanghai Dragons (Last Week: 12)

The Dragons need help now. They played without any passion against the Gladiators of Los Angeles. The Dragons seemed not to be testing against the San Francisco Shock. The team could have had a bad week, or it could be the end of a very early race for a place in the Shanghai Dragons playoffs.


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