Overwatch League attracts 10 million viewers in the first week, averages 280k viewers per minute

Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

If the appeal of the Overwatch competitive scene was in doubt, the figures from the first week of the Overwatch League suggest that it is in a pretty good place. More than ten million people tuned in for seven days, with its Dallas Fuel vs. Seoul Dynasty showdown that attracted 437,000 people, the tournament's highest concurrent online audience so far.

As relayed by Blizzard in a press release, these numbers were divided between Twitch, which was declared "exclusive worldwide external provider" last week, Major League Gaming and a number of transmission partners in China, such as NetEase CC, Panda TV and ZhanQi TV.

An average audience of 408,000 viewers per minute was recorded on the first day, compared to the average of 280,000 viewers per minute for the entire week. Blizzard notes that these figures do not explain the Overwatchers multiple tuner through the same browser and / or device, and that the entries for L.A. viewers. Blizzard Arena in person sold out for seven full days.

Which is pretty impressive. As someone who only plays Overwatch in bursts, winning two consecutive rounds makes him feel like a pro. Seeing the best plays of the week one of the Overwatch League reminds me firmly that I'm not.

The first season of the Overwatch League runs until June, with the playoffs and finals scheduled for July.

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