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Overwatch: How to watch the revelation of Seagull's Sigma game

Overwatch transmits and trains professional player Brandon & # 39; Seagull & # 39; Larned, who will have a preview of the game Hero 31, Sigma, live from Blizzard's headquarters with Jeff Kaplan on July 23, a good sign that the new hero will be heading to the PTR soon.

Sigma's story was revealed on July 22 and, in addition to being creepy, has left fans with more questions than answers.

One of the most important questions that arise is: when can we finally try Sigma in the PTR? Thanks to Seagull, it could be quite soon.

Nesskain / Blizzard Entertainment

Sigma and his balls have driven the Overwatch Community crazy.

How to see Gaviota try Sigma

Seagull announced on July 23 that he would broadcast Sigma's first game revelation live from Blizzard's headquarters with Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan on the same day.

July 23 is also a beautiful sweet gift.

There are some important questions about Sigma, especially if it will be a main tank like Reinhardt or Orisa, or more of a tank similar to Roadhog or D.Va, to name a few.

You can see Seagull and Jeff try Sigma on Seagull's Twitch channel, which can be found below:

When can the rest of us play Sigma?

With Seagull on his way to southern California to test Sigma, his launch to the PTR could arrive very soon.

More details should come from Seagull's broadcast, but Tuesday is usually an Overwatch update day, so we can see the newest hero coming to the PTR as soon as tonight.

With a new hero to try out soon and a queue of roles 2-2-2 already in the PTR, the last few weeks have been some of the biggest Overwatch has seen since its launch.

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