Overwatch Gets Yeti Boss Fight


The holidays are upon us, and you know what that means: new Overwatch things. And also the family and the celebration or whatever, I suppose.

In a new video update, game director Jeff "is starting to feel a lot" Kaplan announced that the Mei-focused holiday event of the game is coming back. It will include everything from the last year, masks, the Mei Snowball fight mode, etc., as well as a totally new boss fighting mode.

The new mode is called "Mei's Yeti Hunt", and sees a team of five Meis trying to shoot down a supercharged Winston. The mode is a "boss fight," according to Kaplan, but the Winston is also controlled by the player.

In the early stages of each game, Winston must bypbad the crack team of adorable and exasperating ice badbadins and collect powers until he can enter primary rage mode, at which point the tables change. Meis can flee and regroup with the help of ice walls and ice traps. If there is enough Meis, Winston wins (tons). If Winston, an innocent yeti who only tries to live his life, man, falls in the midst of the blizzard of Meis's senseless violence, then they win.

In case you're worried, yes, there will also be new masks. Kaplan hinted that Hanzo, Junkrat and Roadhog are getting legendary. He did not say anything about Pharah, however, presumably because I do not like it, personally.

The event begins on December 12.

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