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Overwatch: each new appearance of skin next week (January 2018)

  Overwatch Olympic Skins

Overwatch will begin in 2018 with a flood of new booties for players to enjoy including new emotes, sprays and masks for their characters. Announced on January 17, Blizzard has promised a full week of advancements for the items arriving for the FPS next week. It is scheduled to continue until January 23 when the new Blizzard World map for PS4, Xbox One and PC is released.

Many of these masks were revealed during Blizzcon 2016, as they revolve around "cosplays" of the famous Blizzard characters. The other set of masks is a mix of Blizzard ideas and fan requests that have been made since the title was released. These include references to old designs and other more fantastic ones. These are some of the coolest new masks released for the game and will certainly be sought after items for players.

What makes these masks great is that they are not linked to any specific event or holiday. This means that all the masks below are linked to the base game, which means you can get them from the normal loot boxes. Nor will there be an exaggerated cost, so these garments will cost you 1,000 gold independently. Along with these masks, there will also be new sprays and emotes for users to use. These were already revealed and the characters that obtained new emoticons include Tracer, Genji, Mercy and Shadow.

For those looking to get all the new Overwatch masks, here is everyone we know so far. Since this event will continue for a few more days, we will update this publication as Blizzard releases more masks.

Orisa – Immortal

  Immortal Orisa

  Torbjorn Magni Bronzebeard

Widow – Nova

  Widow Nova

Doomfist – Blackhand

  Doomfist Blackhand

Zarya – Barbarian

  Zarya Barbarian

Roadhog – Butcher

  Roadhog Butcher

Reinhardt – Crusader

  Reinhardt Crusader

Mei – Ecopoint

  Mei Ecopoint

Pharah – A sp

  Pharah Asp

Lucio Capoeira

  Lucio Capoeira

All these designs are ready for launch on January 23, presumably sometime between 1:00 p.m. M. EST and 3:00 p.m. ITS T. Make sure to check with us every day to see what other new skins Blizzard has decided to add to the game.

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