Overwatch: Brigitte will soon be available for Quickplay, competitive game


Brigitte is only a few days away.

After being available to play in the PTR, Brigitte is finally entering competitive and fast modes.

Blizzard announced today that Brigitte will be available to play on March 20 for all players after a period of time in the PTR.

His complete list of skills, along with his official descriptions, include:

  • Rocket Flail – Brigitte's melee weapon has an extended range, allowing her to attack multiple enemies with a single hit. [19659008] Repair package: Brigitte launches a repair package that can cure an ally. Any healing on that ally's maximum health provides them with armor.
  • Whip Shot: Brigitte throws her flail at a great distance, inflicting damage and knocking down an enemy.
  • Barrier shield: Brigitte deploys a frontal energy barrier to absorb a limited amount of damage.
  • Shield Bash: Once her Barrier Shield is deployed, Brigitte can launch forward to stun an enemy.
  • Inspire: When Brigitte hits enemies with her flail, it also heals nearby allies over time.
  • Rally: Brigitte moves faster and provides all allies with an armor that lasts until it is eliminated by damage.

For more information about Brigitte and how to play as and against her, be sure to check the IGN Overwatch wiki. Brigitte tips

Brigitte revealed herself after Blizzard made fun of a new challenger on Twitter yesterday through two images. Those images pointed to the daughter of Törbjorn and specialist in arms, Brigitte, as well as to the tracks of a personage of Jetpack Cat, Blizzard, previously designed but that never was implemented in the game. Brigitte "was the first of her sons to show an interest in mechanical engineering", but her interests were more lied in the creation of armor and defensive systems than in weapons.

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