Overwatch Archives event returns with new skins

The Overwatch Archives event is back, giving players the chance to earn new skins, complete weekly challenges, and more from now until April 27. Archives is an annual event that brings cooperative PvE campaign missions to the hero shooter and this year is no different. Put the Overwatch: Uprising, Overwatch: Retribution, and Overwatch: Storm Rising missions back into rotation, each with a set of challenges to complete as you play.

As they do so, players will have the opportunity to complete new weekly challenges and unlock five new Legendary skins and three new Epic skins.

Overwatch Archives 2021 Event – All New Skins

“Heroes never die,” reads a press release about this year’s Archives event. “Experience Overwatch’s storied past at this year’s Archives event, featuring a new weekly challenge reward system and new Archive missions, now live on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Be sure to log in to April 6-27 to lock and load new cosmetics into your collection. “

All three new epic skins for this year’s Archives event can be obtained by completing weekly challenges that activate each week of the event. The first week is already live and will run until April 13. You will earn stars simply for playing the PvE missions in the Archives event and after earning 30 stars you will earn the epic Lucio “Runner” skin. Earn 30 stars between April 13 and April 20 to get the epic “underwater” Zenyatta skins, and finally earn 30 stars between April 20 and 27 to get the epic “Camouflage” Mercy skin.Here’s a full rundown of what to expect during the Archives event:

  • New cosmetics: Legendary “Bushi” Genji Skin, Legendary “Calvary” Tracer Skin, Legendary “Mousquetaire” Widowmaker Skin, Legendary “Polyanitsa” Zarya Skin, Legendary “1776” Soldier Skin: 76 skins, Epic “Camouflage” Mercy, Epic “Runner” Pike skin, and Epic “Underwater” Zenyatta skin.
  • New player icons
  • New reward systemInstead of winning nine games, you will now earn stars as you play, although you don’t need to complete a mission to earn stars. The more difficult the mission, the more stars you will earn. You will unlock cosmetic rewards each week after earning 10 stars, 20 stars, and 30 stars.
  • Weekly challenges: Each week of the event brings new challenges based on earning stars. Each PvE mission will include mods like Molten Cores, for example, which causes all enemies to spew lava upon death. Players will earn double credit for playing the Rising missions during Week 1, double credit for playing the Retribution missions during Week 2, and double credit for playing the Storm Rising missions during Week 3.

The Overwatch Archives 2021 event is now available on all platforms and runs until April 27.

If you’ve never participated in the Archives event, check out this 13-minute video of one of the PvE missions from the events. After that, check out IGN’s updated Overwatch 2020 review and then read this story about 55 new Overwatch 2 details recently revealed at BlizzCon 2021.

Wesley LeBlanc is a freelance news writer and guide creator for IGN. You can follow it on Twitter @LeBlancWes.

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