‘Overseasable’ coronavirus spike hospital capacity

Salt Lake City (AP) At one of Utah’s largest hospitals, there were no beds left in its regular intensive care unit on Friday, as Gary Herbert declared a state weekend spike in coronovirus cases.

“The spike in cases we have seen in recent weeks is negligible,” Herbert said on Friday. “As Utons, it is our duty to work together to twist things. We must take all necessary precautions and follow all public health guidance. Utahns must wear a mask around others, socially spaced, and limit social gathering size. Until we do these things, we can expect to see more adventurous days like today. It is important to ensure that our health system does not treat patients who contract COVID-19. “

The Chief Medical Officer of the Utah Hospital says the hospital this week had to install additional ICU beds staffed by doctors and nurses to care for its critical patients as the unit hit 104% capacity.

He says the hospital cannot take another hit, and administrators are very concerned for flu season.

“This is a defining moment,” said Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall. “The action we will take in the coming days will determine whether our system is capable of handling our health needs or not. We have to do everything we can. “

State health officials reported about 1,500 new cases of the virus, a near-record number that delineated new restrictions.

KSL-TV contributed to this report.


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