Outriders level cap – what is the maximum level you can reach?

The Outriders level cap is not revealed to you until you reach it in-game (or if you check achievements / trophies beforehand), and it may come a little earlier than expected for some. When you reach the max level in Outriders, it goes without saying that you can’t level up any more, and all equipment that falls will be at that level. However, depending on your world level, you can get level 45 gear; It’s all explained below in this Outriders level cap guide.

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What is the level cap for Outriders?

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Let’s cut to the chase; Outriders level cap is 30. Don’t click just yet though, that’s only half the story. If you’re new to games like Outriders, also known as looters, there is a world-class system that essentially allows you to upgrade the strength of the enemies you fight, but in return, the gear they drop and the rewards you get will be a highest level. So while you can only level your character up to 30, if you unlock world level 15 and play essentially on the hardest difficulty, the gear you will get will be level 45, because it increases the levels of the enemies by 15.

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