Outbreak in Spike, Roanoke City and Alleghany Health Districts

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – For the past several weeks, when it comes to COVID-19, there have been fluctuations, and more recently, have been decreasing.

But between Tuesday and a week ago, some things have shifted.

“Our cases are definitely picking up again,” Dr. Molly O’Dell said with the Virginia Department of Health.

According to O’Dell, this growth is from a fixed mindset.

“Folks are saying, ‘Well, I couldn’t do my father’s funeral because we were in the middle of COVID, now things are better so we can do it now.’ That’s the thinking. So we’re looking at real sources of weddings, funerals, sick social gatherings, outbreaks in the population, “O’Dell said.

Another major cause is the number of outbreaks.

Six new outbreaks have occurred in the past week, bringing the total to 18. More than half of them are businesses.

“I don’t believe we had 10 outbreaks in businesses during this entire epidemic, so this is the largest number of open outbreak businesses at any given time,” O’Dell said.

Odell says that it has to do operational practice in these businesses on a large scale, ranging in size from small to large.

“We have explored business practice for both screening and social disturbances and followed social balance to cover usage.”

And with confirmation of both A and B influenza strains in Roanoke City and Allegheny Health Districts, O’Dell says it’s important that not only businesses, but everyone do their part.

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