Otto Porter's shooting night was not good, very bad.

Daily Digits is a new daily feature that we are doing in Bullets Forever this year, where we see statistics about the Magicians. We will delve into the numbers, add context and discuss how they affect the product on the court.

Today's stat is the number of games this season in which Otto Porter has lost more than 10 shots, which is …

In retrospect, perhaps Scott Brooks should have received plenty of praise for Otto Porter before Thursday's loss to the Warriors.

Scott Brooks was asked why Otto Porter is so good against the Warriors before the game. His response was semi-cutting, as if he did not want her to be spellbound. Otto is 0-for-4 to start the game.

– Chase Hughes (@ChaseHughesNBCS) January 25, 2019

Arguably Porter had his worst shooting night of the season, if not his career. He has only had a handful of games throughout his career in which he has reached two digits in lost shots, and it is the first time he has attempted 7 triples in a game without making one.

Golden State was lucky that Porter missed some of his open glances in the fourth quarter, but the Warriors' defense exploited their inability to create a separation early in the game. They could get away with putting a big spot on it on the perimeter because they could still dispute their outside shots with their long arms, even if they were unbalanced because they knew they could not reach the limit against them.

When Porter was going to the block, they could hit Klay Thompson without having to worry about him looking clean.

There are only a few teams in the league that have the staff to make Porter's life so difficult, but when those games arrive, they need to do more than just expect the best when it's open. It's great that he's finally being more aggressive by throwing the ball, but now he has to develop his repertoire to maintain his efficiency while taking care of the additional defensive attention.

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