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Oscars Academy confirms 4 categories that will be presented during commercials


As part of the Academy's efforts to simplify this year's Oscarcast and keep it for three hours, he confirmed today that trophies will be presented in four categories during commercial breaks.

As Pete Hammond of Deadline reported last week, Best Cinematography will be one of the categories whose presentation will be recorded and aired later during the ABC broadcast on February 24. The others, revealed today in a letter to members of Academy President John Bailey (see below), are Live Action Courts, Film Editing, and Makeup and Hairdressing. All nominees from each category will be broadcast, along with the winner's speech. The Academy also confirms that it will be broadcast live during those commercial recesses so that the audience can watch live online along with those of the Dolby Theater.

The branch of Cinematographers opened the way to defend this change by showing how it could be done. In addition to Bailey being a co-governor in the branch, he had a piece cut out as an example of how it would look and convinced the other board members that it really was an improvement, without losing anything of the dignity of presentation or degradation. . that.

The most affected categories will be rotated every year.

Here is Bailey's letter:

Dear members of the Academy,

After months of anticipation and many conversations, I would like to address an issue that is close to me.

The visualization patterns of the Academy Awards are rapidly changing in our current multimedia world, and our program must also evolve to continue to successfully promote the promotion of films to a worldwide audience. This has been our main mission since we established ourselves 91 years ago, and it is the same today.

As you remember, last summer, the Board of Governors of the Academy committed to broadcast a three-hour program. However, I want to reiterate that the 24 winning Academy Award presentations will be included in the broadcast. We believe that we have found an excellent way to do this, and keep the show to three hours.

While honoring the achievements of the 24 awards at the Oscars, four categories will be presented: cinematography, film editing, Live Action Short, and makeup and hairdressing, during commercial breaks, and their winning speeches will be broadcast later in the broadcast .

And, with the help of our partners on ABC, we will also broadcast these four online award presentations so that our global fans can enjoy, live, along with our audience. Fans can watch on Oscar.com and on the Academy's social channels. The live broadcast is the first time it is shown in our program and will help increase awareness and promotion of these prize categories.

The executive committees of six branches generously opted for their awards to be presented in this slightly edited time frame for this year's show, and we selected four. In future years, four to six different categories can be selected for rotation, in collaboration with the producers of the show. (This year's categories will be exempt in 2020).

The Academy Awards honor the best films and filmmakers of the year. It is an international show, full of great emotion and (we hope) moving acceptance speeches. This year, in addition to the performances of the five nominated songs, the show will feature Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic playing during In Memoriam, as part of their own centennial celebration.

So, put on the belt! We are committed to presenting a show that we will all be proud of.


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