Osama bin Laden had ‘Cars,’ ‘Chicken Little’ in video library

Osama bin Laden had the “Charlie bit my finger” video among his terrorist files at the Pakistan compound where he was killed during a 2011 Navy SEAL raid.

The one-minute 2007 video — along with another version in Arabic — was listed in the 470,000 of files seized from the former al Qaeda leader’s Abbottabad compound and released by the CIA on Wednesday.

Bin Laden’s video library ranged from family films such as “Cars” and “Chicken Little,” the animated action film “Batman: Gotham Knight” and the self-reflective “Where in the World is Osama bin Laden.”

The CIA said it couldn’t release those selections along with roughly another 20 either because of they were either copyrighted, badgraphic in nature or corrupted.

Bin Laden’s personal journal was also released along with 18,000 other documents, 79,000 audio bits and image clips as well as 10,000 video files, the CIA said.

The videos featured “home movies” made by the terror cell along with the “Charlie bit my finger,” which was first spotted by a reported from the Libertarian magazine Reason.


A number of family films and viral videos were among the files seized from bin Laden’s compound when the terrorist was killed in 2011.


The 10-year-old viral video shows a British boy with his baby brother, Charlie, sitting on his lap. When the boy puts his finger near Charlie’s mouth, the teething tot decides to chomp down — bringing his big brother to tears.

A version of British comedy “Mr. Bean” translated into Pashto was also found listed in the trove.

Navy SEALs recovered the files from bin Laden’s northwest Pakistan compound during the historic May 2, 2011, raid.

Some of the ones released Wednesday — the fourth CIA document dump since 2015 — included practice speeches and a video of his son, Hamza Bin Laden.

CIA officials say the files also give a glimpse at bin Laden’s bid to keep factions of al Qaeda together, as well as reshape the terror group’s tainted reputation among Muslims.

Two versions of the video were listed among thousands of files.

Two versions of the video were listed among thousands of files.

The agency last opened documents in January 2017, following releases in 2015 and 2016.

Mike Pompeo, head of the agency, on Wednesday said releasing the files “provides the opportunity for the American people to gain further insights into the plans and workings of this terrorist organization.”

In September, Pompeo said the agency won’t release the once most-wanted terrorist’s badgraphy collection.

CIA officials previously turned down a 2015 Freedom of Information Act request by BroBible to access the lewd material.

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