Orioles major sweeps to Gerrit Cole and Offense Provided Yankees

Maybe .500 fell under the rock for the Yankees on Tuesday.

Since the five-game losing streak left him for a postseason spot, he won three straight, including a sweep of Friday’s doubleheader over the Orioles in the Bronx.

In the process, he got a glimpse of Gerrit Cole when he expected him to sign the right-hander in December and reminded how productive his lineup could be.

Cole was superb 6–0, a ​​seven-inning win over the opener and Masahiro Tanaka, nearly 10–1 in the second game, as good as a seven-inning romp, lighted on a pair of three-run homers by Luke Voight was put.

It was Voight, who criticized the lineup against Toronto once again on Tuesday.

“We have to go back to what the New York Yankees are,” Voit said earlier in the week. “I think the teams are not really afraid of us right now and it’s a sad thing because we’re the New York Yankees and obviously the favorites to win the division this year, and it has clearly gone away so we have to step up. Will it is up. ”

Gerrit Cole and Luke Voight celebrating with Gary Sanchez after hitting Homer in Game 2Robert Sabo (2)

For three games, he has.

“I think it was something that should have been said and I think the locker room took it and ran with it and we’ve been playing well ever since,” Voit said on Friday. “We just need to play better, plain and simple.”

The Yankees’ performance against Baltimore on Friday was markedly different from when they dropped four of three Orioles to Camden Yards last week and the first two to the Blue Jays at Buffalo.

After missing his last three outings, Cole took a no-hitter in the fifth inning. He is not allowed to hit until Hancer Alberto sings in the fifth with two outs.

By then, the Yankees offense had given Cole a five-run lead, scoring three home runs in the first two innings against Alex Cobb.

“[Scoring early] Every game is big, ” DJ LeMahieu, who was a lead homer. “But the way we played last week is really important.”

The lineup was generous to Tanaka in the second game, scoring four runs in the first over of leftie Keegan Akin, who shut him down in his previous start.

Miguel Andujar’s first inning, two-run double gave the Yankees a quick start, and Voyt added a three-run homer in the fourth and fifth.

“Where would we be without him?” Aaron Boone said of Voyt, who has 16 houses.

After the first game, Cole said he knew he would have to pitch aggressively with an early lead.

“You really don’t have an option,” Cole said. “When you get this kind of run support, it’s your job.”

Unlike some of his other innings, Cole left nothing to doubt, pitching all seven innings with 114 pitches. He allowed just two hits and one walk while striking out nine.

Cole said, “I finished it this time.”

This was Cole’s second consecutive outing with Kyle Higashioka behind the plate. Later, Boone stated that he would consider putting the two together for Cole’s next start.

“I thought they were great,” Boone said of the two. “They were on a very good page together. He can be in the game. It may be something we talk about, but it is also relationship and synergy [Cole] Is with gary [Sanchez] Really good, as well. ”

Tanaka then gave up one run in five innings and after entering just 1 up game on the Orioles for a third-place finish at Arrow East on Friday, the Yankees halved the second day’s game behind Blue Jayes.

“It’s a good time to warm up,” Voyt said.


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