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Origin PC invites you to arrange yourself and see their engravings

PC Origin is about personalization, so it's not surprising that the new systems it showed at CES 2018 were mostly (though not entirely) about the razzle dazzle; The company adds top-quality laser engraving and textured printing to its custom paint options. Of course, there are also some adjustments in the system designs, serial rejiggering and components.

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The Origin PC Heavy Metal Millennium Shows Style


In the show, Origin PC proudly showed off its patent award for the four-way base plate mounting system on the Millennium / Genesis tower PCs; It really is great, and if you have not seen it (it's not new), it allows you to insert the motherboard frame into one of four orientations depending on where you want the backplane to sit.

The systems also level up with tempered glass panels that replace the plastic and update part of the plastic to a reinforced version of higher quality. The upper part and the doors are coupled with magnets, an optional "VR Panel" (really only front connectors) obtains a sliding cover and the use of thumb screws for the installation of the card without tools. There is also an optional power supply unit cover to match the black, white or red interior. It does not turn on, but a girl can dream.

Origin broke the Genesis Pro line – the Millennium plus a base containing extra cooling or up to 24 hard drives – in its own L-class workstation level, in part to facilitate the search and configuration of optimized systems for a specific software (such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Autodesk Maya).

Su Omni all-in-one gaming desktop has a sleeker chassis and a Samsung IPS 144Hz display, it's still a 3440 34-inch, and its redesigned base is more stable. It uses a smaller motherboard and has much more interior space for air flow. The company is working on a transparent panel (yay!), But the connectors are still uncomfortable.

Finally, your compact Chronos desktop will get a slightly less compact brother to accommodate dual GPUs, a larger power supply and overclocking capability.

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