Organizing Committee of the Popular Assembly of NASA to proceed with the plans of December 12 :: Kenya –

Organizing Committee of the Popular Assembly of NASA to proceed with the plans of December 12 :: Kenya


The newly formed Organizing Committee of the Popular Assembly of the opposition has promised to continue its work in the midst of what they called a brutal repression of the opposition.

In a statement, the committee held that they had three meetings since their formation, while preparing the muscles for an important session of the Popular Assembly to be held on December 12, 2017.


Raila reacts to the arrest of David Ndii

"We are not going to succumb and let these gestapo tactics of the State make a return and become a new norm in Kenya," the statement said in part.

The seven-member committee was announced on December 1, 2017 to direct the agenda of the National Super Alliance (NASA) to restore democracy, only governance and leadership through a People's Assembly.

However, just two days after his formation, committee chief David Ndii was arrested for incitement to violence. The dramatic arrest at the Leopard Beach Hotel on the Kenyan coast irritated the opposition team and drew harsh criticism from its leaders.

"They have tried so many ways to stop us, including threats, intimidation, arrests and even killing our people, but they do not know that we have several ways to skin a cat," said NASA chief Raila Odinga hours later. arrest her

"We condemn unreservedly the kidnapping, detention and subsequent appearance in court on fabricated charges of Dr. David Ndii … the committee considers the imprisonment of Ndii as a cowardly attempt by an illegitimate government to intimidate its members in particular and the people of Kenya in general, with the aim of ruining the People's Assembly, "said the committee.

Since then, Ndii, who is a fierce critic of the government, has been released from the Pangani police station in Nairobi. This followed the directive of the Director of the Public Prosecutor's Office (DPP), Keriako Tobiko, on a Sh10,000 police bond awaiting investigation.


DPP orders launch of NASA Ndii strategist

So far, the committee says they will launch a detailed program for the constituent badembly of the Popular Assembly on December 12, 2017, where, among other things, they will install their leadership.

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