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Oreo for Android Wear officially launched, now launching LG Watch Sport

Along with the Android 8.1 version for Pixel and Nexus devices earlier this week, Oreo is spreading today to Android Wear. In October, Google announced a beta program for LG Watch Sport and now the wearable is one of the first devices to receive the update.

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According to a Google developer advocate in the Android Wear community on Google+ (via Android Police ), the "launch of Android Oreo to Android Wear is starting today." However, again, "time is determined by the manufacturer of each watch".

There are no big redesigns with Oreo for the wearable platform, but we detect a series of useful adjustments. There is a new option to disable touch-to-wake called "Touch lock" in Configurations that Google considers useful in humid conditions.

Google has added the ability to control the intensity of vibrations for incoming notifications. Known as the "Vibration Pattern", options include Normal, Long and Double.

Meanwhile, there is now a button to manually activate the "Battery Saving", instead of having to wait until the device hits a low load. This mode disables Vibration, location services, Wi-Fi and mobile use, updates of data and applications, and the screen always active.

Along with the background limits on Android Oreo, this should help with battery life. Meanwhile, the update includes notification channels for applications that should provide more detailed user control.

Google also shared that Wear is now available in seven new countries and languages: Belgium (Dutch), Czech Republic (Czech Republic), El Salvador (Spanish), Honduras (Spanish), Nigeria (English), Paraguay (Spanish) and Portugal (Portuguese).

So far, there is a report from an LG Watch Sport that received the update.

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