Oregon’s wildfires force massive evacuations as weather changes reflect a ray of hope

Portland, Ore. (Reuters) – An unprecedented place of raging wild animals across Oregon housed 500,000 people – about one in every eight residents – under a blanking alert Friday as tired firefighters go into an aggressive position against the blasts Took advantage of better weather. .

Wind-driven clashes have destroyed tens of thousands of homes in just a few days, making Oregon the latest subcontract in a large summer outbreak of fire in the western United States, collectively scorching the size of New Jersey And is killing at least two dozen people. .

Although at least four people lost their lives in Oregon this week, Governor Kate Brown has warned that the death toll may increase further, and on Friday it was said that three people were scorched by the fire.

Emergency management chief Andrew Phelps’ office said disaster teams searching the scorched ruins of half a dozen small towns built to avoid disaster were poised to face potential “mass fatal incidents”.

The Pacific Northwest bears the brunt of an incendiary attack as a whole, which began around Labor Day, blackening the sky with smoke and ashes including Northern California, Oregon and Washington with some of the world’s worst There are air-quality levels.

Some of the largest record firestorms in California and Oregon were driven by strong winds that lasted several days in the region amid record breaking heat. Scientists say that global warming has also contributed to extremes in wet and dry seasons, causing vegetation to thrive, leaving more abundant volatile fuel for wildlife.

‘Everything is over’

“This is a climate damn emergency. It is real and it is happening. This is the perfect storm, ”California Governor Gavin Newsome told reporters from a sacred hill near Oroville, California.

In southern Oregon, one of the most devastated areas, there is an apocalyptic scene of sacred residential subdivisions and trailer parks stretching for miles along the highway south of Medford’s Highway 99 through the neighboring cities of Phoenix and Talent.

Beatriz Gómez Bolanos, 41, told his four children to fire on both sides of his car while fleeing Bear Creek Mobile Home Park, south of Medford, when it rained heavily on his home .

“Everything is over. We have to start over from nothing, but we are alive,” Gomez Bolanos told Reuters by phone.

Authorities on Thursday investigated arson in that fire.

The city’s fire department said that Mollala, about 25 miles (40 km) south of Portland, was an ash-covered ghost town with more than 9,000 residents asked to move out, after refusing only 30 , The city’s fire department said.

The logging town was on the front line of a huge evacuation zone extending north to within 3 miles (4.8 km) of Portland. Sheriffs in suburban Clackamas County imposed a 10 PMT (0500 GMT on Saturday) curfew to prevent “potentially increased criminal activity”.

Governor Brown told a news conference that more than half of residents were under one of three evacuation alert levels, advising them to be prepared and alert to be ready to flee or leave immediately at a moment’s notice Was given About 40,000 of them had already been ordered to leave.

In the north of Washington state, online video from the Tacoma area set fire to a residential area, causing homes to catch fire and flare up to warn neighbors.

“Everyone out, everyone out!” A man shouted as a firefighter tries to sink the flames.

Bread in season

After four days of sweltering heat, windy weather, a ray of hope came in the form of calm winds blowing from the sea, helping the cooler, mistery situation, helping the firefighters make the main passage against the blaze Which went largely uncontrolled in the first week.

“The weather is going to be favorable for us,” said Oregon Department of Forestry’s fire safety chief Doug Graff, adding that the upcoming fall in the weather was forecast to continue next week, causing fire personnel to face “crime.” . “

The death toll from a Western fire siege that began in August rose to 24, after seven people were killed in a fire in the mountains north of Sacramento, California. The fire-related deaths in California lasted until 19 on Friday, including eight of the blasts that began in August and were still burning this week. In addition to four confirmed mortality rates in Oregon, Washington State accounted for one.

More than 68,000 people were under evacuation orders in California, where the largest fire in state history has burned more than 740,000 acres (299,470 hectares) in the Mendocino National Forest around 120 miles (190 km) northwest of Sacramento.

“We had four hours to pack our pets and some drugs and things,” said John Maylon, who retired from an evacuation center in Fresno, California, that when he ran away leaving the creek on a large scale, he got 30 of his cats Three of them were forced to leave. Fire.

According to the Purple Monitoring site, Paradise, California’s deadliest wildfire-ravaged city in 2018, posted a reading of the world’s worst air quality index at 592, as the state’s two largest blazes burned on either side of it Were given

Reporting by Deborah Bloom in Portland, Ore .; Additional reporting by Carlos Baria, Adrates Latif, Andrew Hai, Steve Gorman, Mimi Dwyer, Sharon Bernstein and Dan Whitcomb; Writing by Andrew Hai and Steve Gorman; Editing by Bill Tarant, Tom Brown, Cynthia Osterman and Daniel Wallis


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