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Oregon mother warns other parents after an 8-year-old carnivorous bacterium dies

PORTLAND – An Oregon boy died in Portland over the weekend after an eight-day battle with carnivorous bacteria, and now his mother tries to warn others.

Sara Hebard told KPTV that she wants other parents to know how easily and quickly this illness spreads, explaining that the tragedy began when her son fell off his bicycle.

He explained that his 8-year-old son, Liam Flanagan, was riding his bicycle at the entrance of his family's farm on experimental rock when he took a bad fall. He went to the emergency room in nearby Pendleton with a bloody wound in his thigh near his crotch.

Hebard said that Liam was sewn with seven stitches and that she thought it should have been the end, but Liam complained of pain. 19659002] At first, Hebard said he treated him with Tylenol, but the pain seemed to get worse, much worse.

Liam was rushed to emergency surgery but, eight days after falling off his bicycle, the 8-year-old boy died of the infection. (GoFundMe)

Hebard said they took Liam back to the hospital in Pendleton where he had emergency surgery. He was then transferred by helicopter to Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, where he underwent several more surgeries.

Bacteria that eat meat can spread very quickly. The doctors tried to cut him off from muscles and tissues that stretched from Liam's ankle to his armpit.

Hebard is still surprised that all this has started when her son fell off his bicycle.

"It was not a big deal, it was not bad, I just needed some points, that's all," he told KPTV. "And I was taking it as a soldier." I mean, how … how … that's what I ask, how? And there's just no answer. "

Liam Flanagan died in Portland on Sunday, a second-grade student at Pilot Rock Elementary School.

Hebard said he was a sweet and kind boy who never became an enemy and He made everyone around him happy, his advice to other parents is simple.

"I would have to say, I hug your children because you never know how fast you are going, and then pay attention to them and do not take for granted that you could just be a simple accident, "he said." And to spread awareness because people do not know. I had never heard of this before. "

A GoFundMe has been configured for the family, and more information can be found here.


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