Orange County Reports West Nile Death of the Year

GARDEN GROVE, California (KABC) – Orange County is recounting its first death of the year with the West Nile Virus.County health officials say an elderly man from Garden Grove died from complications of a West Nile infection.

The county has reported five confirmed symptomatic Nile infections in humans this year – and four of them were hospitalized. The sixth case, which was asymptomatic, has also been reported.The county notes that most people infected with the West Nile do not develop symptoms and are not tested, so the number of people actually infected with the virus is likely to be higher.

Historical data from Orange County shows that the region experiences several deaths from the West Nile each year, with at least 32 deaths during the 2004–2019 period.

Symptoms of West Nile include fever, headache, body aches, and fatigue. Anyone who experiences severe symptoms is urged to seek medical care immediately. The risk of complications increases with more than 50 or underlying medical conditions.

The West Nile is usually transmitted by mosquitoes. Authorities have urged the public to take steps to reduce the mosquito population, including getting rid of standing water around your home, wearing long-term protective clothing outside, and applying insect repellent.

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