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Oprah Winfrey breaks the silence on calls to the presidential campaign

While his beloved audience has been singing "Oprah 2020!" Since her moving speech from the Golden Globes, Oprah Winfrey does not seem to agree with the idea. The media mogul tackled rumors about a presidential candidacy to oppose President Donald Trump and, at least at this time, says he is not interested.

"I've always felt very safe and sure of myself knowing what I could do and what I could not do, and then it's not something that interests me," said Winfrey InStyle the editor-in-chief Laura Brown in a new interview. "I do not have the DNA for that."

Still, Winfrey is aware of the attention the subject is receiving. "Gayle [King] who knows me as well as I do, has been calling me regularly and texting me, like a woman at the airport who asks me:" When will Oprah leave? & # 39; " , He continued. "So Gayle sends me these things, and then she'll go, I know, I know, I know! It would not be good for you, it would be good for everyone." The other day I met someone who said that I They would help with a campaign. That's not for me. "

During his opening monologue at the Golden Globes this year, host Seth Meyers encouraged Winfrey to run for the White House with The Post & # 39; s Tom Hanks as her vice presidential running mate She laughed at the ceremony, but her partner Stedman Graham said: "It depends on the people. She would definitely do it. "

The idea of ​​campaign slogans for Oprah 2020 was fueled by media questions about Hollywood talent, and filmmaker Steven Spielberg said he would" back it up "if he declared an offer, King She said that Winfrey was "intrigued" by the idea, but that she had said "never" would run for president, and that Meryl Streep was already looking for a check.19659002] Meanwhile, Trump commented on the media's questions: " Yes, I will defeat Oprah. "

In case Winfrey changes his mind, it seems he has a base of support: a Rasmussen Reports poll found that he would beat Trump if the elections were held today. like Dwayne Johnson's remarks about a presidential campaign in 2020, it seems he's still not going anywhere.

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