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Opposition lists demands in behind-the-scenes conversations :: Kenya


NASA leader Raila Odinga, deputy of Ugunja Opiyo Wandayi (right) and Ugenya deputy Chris Karan at Collins Owino's funeral in the village of Sidindi in Ugunja, Siaya county yesterday. [Denish Ochieng, Standard]

The National Super Alliance (NASA) is calling for constitutional amendments and a new election soon. These are some of the latest demands for secret talks driven by some European Union envoys and members of the clergy.

Also in the Opposition's demands is the change of Executive to introduce a parliamentary system or rotational presidency, more autonomy for the counties and shared security between national and county governments.


There was no way for everyone to win elections, Mandago tells Raila

According to sources, the momentum of the behind-the-scenes conversations of Western countries and the clergy is based on their concern that the country is deeply divided.

The country has been in a political turmoil caused by the disputed presidential elections. President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto were sworn in on Tuesday for a second and final term at the Moi International Sports Center, Kasarani.

On the same day, NASA leader Raila Odinga declared that he would swear along with his running mate Kalonzo Musyoka on Jamhuri Day. He repeated the statement yesterday, saying he would not recognize the government of President Kenyatta.

Economic boycott

He said he plans to swear while the village president on December 12 was on his way and announced his intention to expand the economic boycott of the selected goods and services. "The arrangements for the swearing-in ceremony are complete, and I am waiting for a report from the seven-member organizing committee," he said.

Raila told the Jubilee government to "listen to the voice of the people and give me power."

"The voice of the people is the voice of God and the determination of the Opposition to march to the promised land of Canaan is ongoing and it is only a matter of time before they arrive there.

"The whole army and police can be used to kill and maim innocent Kenyans, but no amount of brute force will deter the population from a just and democratic government," he said.


Kenyans react after Raila sends invitations to his oath

He spoke in Sindindi, in Ugunja, Siaya County, during the burial of Collins Owino, who was killed by police in Nairobi the day Raila returned from the United States.

Religious leaders asked NASA to help the country focus on the reform agenda and reconsider its turmoil, particularly Raila's planned swearing-in. They said that such a move would only harden the positions and endanger the much-needed approach.

But behind the scenes, NASA leaders are embracing the idea of ​​conversations. Opposition sources say the talks will lead to new elections in about six months and not a power-sharing deal.

On NASA's list of topics for dialogue is the reorganization of the country's governance structure, particularly the executive and legislative branches, strengthening the judiciary and the devolution and reforms of the security sector.

This demands that it lead to a referendum after which the country returns to new elections.

According to sources, NASA leaders earlier this week met with religious leaders and put these issues on the table. It is believed that religious leaders are working closely with or sponsored by the United States.

It is reported that Raila and other directors of NASA will raise these issues with representatives of the US government. UU In Nairobi next week.


Raila sends invitations to his oath

Raila has said that his drive for a regime change was unstoppable as he accused the Jubilee government of participating in the ethnic cleansing.

He told his followers to remain calm and wait for more important things to come, saying he would not give up in his fight to free the Kenyans from what he called an "illegitimate and murderous regime."

"Our trip to Canaan is unstoppable – we must free the Kenyans from this rogue government that is killing its innocent people, including children," Raila said.

"When a state becomes rogue, there are many remedies to face it and we are exploring all these remedies."

Two tribes

Apparently, the opposition is pushing for the establishment of a parliamentary system of governance that addresses the problem of the presidency as a reserve for two communities.

In matters of decentralization, NASA is putting demands on the table to save counties from hunger for funds and other resources by the national government.

The opposition wants significant fiscal autonomy for the counties where the money goes directly to the counties and not through the National Treasury.

In essence, they are calling for decentralized units to have greater independence and be formulated as federal units, such as the United States, unlike now, where counties are treated as departments of the national government.


NASA's plan before the 'oath & # 39;

NASA also wants shared security between the national and county governments and, in particular, the Administration Police, to be under governors, while the national police service remains with the national government.

They want an agreement in which the president does not have unlimited authority to deploy national police in the counties without the authority of the governors.

At Ugunja's funeral, Raila said police backed by Mungiki members had killed more than 100 Kenyans across the country since the August elections and demanded an end to police brutality.

"You can not legitimize an illegality through the weapon, if a cat goes wild and starts eating chickens, it has to be skinned, we have many ways in the place that we will explore until justice is returned to the people of Kenya, "he said.

The deceased was nephew of the deputy of Ugunja Opiyo Wandayi.

Raila accused the Jubilee leaders of arming and deploying gang members from Mungiki to kill and maim their followers.

He said it was sad that President Kenyatta had congratulated the police for a job well done at a time when the country was mourning the victims of police brutality. "For the Jubilee regime, the police did an excellent job of killing and maiming innocent Kenyans – for them, it's a great achievement when the police kill children," the opposition leader said.

He said that the day he returned from the USA. UU., The police killed a total of 18 people who were among those who received him at home.


NCIC says no to secession

"It was unfortunate that the police brutally killed innocent people who had come to welcome me home, I never planned my great welcome," he said.

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