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The athletic outfielder, Ramón Laureano, was a great human protagonist in 2018. He showed off his most famous ridiculous arm when he turned this incredible double play into the Angels last year:

The Red Sox, apparently, did not receive the memo on Laureano's arm. Shortstop Xander Bogaerts tested it twice during this week's four-game series at Oakland, and was caught on both occasions. The reigning MVP of the league, Mookie Betts, was also a victim of the Laureano cannon.

At the top of the second inning of the first game of the series, Bogaerts follows a single by Mitch Moreland to center field. Although Laureano could not get his momentum to take him to the home plate, Laureano's pitch still hit receiver Nick Hundley on the march to leave.

In the ninth inning of the second game, Bogaerts hit a high to deep center field. The ball bounced on top of the wall towards the field. Laureano chased him, picked up the ball and uncorked a perfect shot from a jump to Matt Chapman at first base for the second in the inning. The result was 1-0, so Bogaerts could have represented the tie race at third base.

Even after two examples before their very eyes, the Red Sox have not learned their lesson yet. On Thursday, with the A's 7-3 advantage at the top of the ninth inning at the end of the series, Mookie Betts settled on first base after a walk. Andrew Benintendi then threw a single into shallow center field. Betts tried to go first to third on the play, which turned out to be a bad decision. Laureano corralled the ball and unbalanced it to nail Betts in third base. Chapman had a big shovel and a great tag to help Laureano's effort.

The A won, 7-3, winning three of four games in the series against the Red Sox. Laureano, by the way, hit a home run twice and hit three runs in the series. He had been hitting a miserable .150 with no extra-base hits in 20 at-bats before the series.

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