Oppo teases rollable phones with retractable display

TCL rollable concept phone front camera macro

  • Oppo has launched a new phone with retractable display.
  • The company will showcase it at its Inno Day Tech event on 17 November.
  • This will not be the only workable phone.

Oppo’s upcoming Ino Day Tech event is a platform for the company to showcase its new wares and technology that we will eventually see in its future products. Last week, the Chinese phone manufacturer teased a new AR glass wearable that is planned to be announced at the November 17 event. Now, Oppo has teased another Eno Day product, which could be a limelight – a stolen phone from LG.

The company took to Weibo and Twitter to withdraw a new phone. “Big curtain? Small curtain? Infinite screen? In the future, your mobile phone may be able to withdraw freely,” reads Weibo Post (translated machine).

Oppo Rollable Phone

The teaser is also accompanied by an image that shows a curved corner and a display extending out of the phone’s chassis. The same concept phone image was used on Twitter, with Oppo claiming that the device would “usher in a new era of screens”. Check it out below.

Oppo concept phone in day 2020

Oppo hasn’t revealed much, but about it, it could be a prototype or a concept phone like what TCL showed earlier this year. LG are also working on similar rollable phones, but can Oppo beat LG with a punch as far as commercialization is concerned? It’s not clear yet, but LG teased a rollable phone design at the first Wing launch, and rumors point to a March 2021 launch.

We hope that Oppo shows a working device and also tells us how the software will adapt to a rollable screen. The future of the phone certainly looks resilient and Oppo seems fat in it. We can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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