Opioid overdose drug set for expanded use by first responders


MISSOULA.Mont. – Gov. Steve Bullock introduced Thursday an opiate overdose reversal drug known as naloxone is coming to Montana. 

A brand new regulation geared toward stopping overdose deaths handed within the 2017 legislative session, and now first responders will have the ability to use the drug extra extensively.

Since 2000 there have been greater than 700 deaths from opioid overdose in Montana. Lawmakers say naloxone is a drug that may save lives. 

Brent Dehring, a pharmacy co-director for Partnership Health Center, believes having extra entry to naloxone is an efficient factor.

“A lot of our patients, especially those that are on high doses or a combination of benzodiazepine and an opioid, puts them at a higher risk for an overdose. We try and encourage all patients in that realm to have a prescription of naloxone on hand already,” mentioned Dehring.

Opioids embody painkillers resembling hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine and codeine. They additionally embody unlawful medication resembling heroin. 

“Life is a pretty precious thing, and you have something that can keep you alive, the more accessible and the more people that have it, the likelihood you will keep someone alive in the event of an overdose,” mentioned Dehring.

Opponents to the drug say it permits customers to have an overdose and never fear concerning the repercussions. 

Dehring says it isn’t as much as us to guage others. “Life is valuable, and we want to extend that precious (time) and keep people alive. I really don’t feel at all that this encourages an overdose whatsoever,” mentioned Dehring.

Naloxone is anticipated to be out there to first responders straight away. That implies that police, hearth and rescue can have naloxone readily available.

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