Opinion: Immediately unanswered questions about the attack on the Capitol

We know what it looked like, what it looked like, but we don’t have the whole story.

However, some shocking details are beginning to emerge. On Monday, after Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf resigned, CNN reported that the FBI had received information that “armed protests” were being planned in the capitals of all 50 states and the US Capitol in Washington DC. Capitol police officers are investigating for their behavior during the riot; Two have been suspended.

So was the Capitol a spontaneous event storm, or was it part of something more orchestrated?

There is increasing evidence to justify the intense concern and stonewalling constraints may be encountered by immediate investigation.

Nevertheless, it is imperative that we know exactly what happened on January 6, and what can still happen. This requires two speed checks at two levels.

First, the FBI and law enforcement agencies must stop trackers and find out what may be on their agenda for days to come. This is especially caused by the pressure because the day after the attack, when President Donald Trump finally agreed to a peaceful transfer of power in a video taped to the White House, which he reportedly “regretted,” “He told his supporters,” Our incredible journey is only the beginning. ”
Reaching trump is only the beginning

Separately, the Congress should set up a bipartisan committee to pull every thread and see what happens.

What is played out in the generally accepted version is that the day Congress congregates Biden’s electoral victory, the fiercest Trump followers gather. As Trump and his supporters vented their anger at the legitimate election results in a furious frenzy, they followed his instructions literally and went to the Capitol. There, the Capitol Police failed to stop them. According to this narrative, the failure of law enforcement, lack of preparedness, poor communication, race of criminals and possibly a mixture of sympathy between the rioters were some of them to stop.

But is this the right event?

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the events of the day was the failure of the National Guard forces to respond quickly. The time period is mindless.

At a rally held the night before the riot, attendees heard that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn told them that Americans were prepared to “bleed” for freedom. At Wednesday’s rally, Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani advocated a “trial by war” to settle the election. Then came Trump’s instructions: “Fight like hell.” After Trump’s speech, and his false promise to include him there, he stormed the Capitol.
According to the Wall Street Journal Reconstruction, as of 1:18 a.m. Wednesday, several officers had already been injured. At 1:41 pm, a citywide “Broken Arrow” alert went out that the rioters had overpowered the police. As of 3 a.m., The Wall Street Journal reported that at least three prominent officials immediately requested support from the National Guard, Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bower, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, and Capitol Police Chief Steven Sundar, who resigned. Had given.
The details of their conversation reveal growing anguish and anguish as the Pentagon failed to swiftly sanction and deploy troops. Sundar told The Washington Post that he pleaded, “I am making an urgent, urgent request for National Guard assistance,” adding that “I have got shoes on the ground.”

At the same time, Hogan was trying to get the Pentagon to approve the deployment of Maryland’s guards, but like Sundar, he says the immediate request was inexplicably delayed.

There is only one way to stop violent extremists
Sundar told The Washington Post that he asked six different times. Hogan, who approved the deployment of Maryland, told CNN that it took two hours to get the necessary authorization.
The soldiers were nowhere to be found, with people killed in the devastation of the Capitol. Army staff director Lt. Gen. Walter Piatt allegedly disputed Sundar’s account and said in a Monday statement that the authority to activate the National Guard was about 2:20 a.m. About 40 minutes after a conference call began between officers Came after , First National Guard personnel did not reach the spot until 5:40 pm. By the time the mob withdrew, four people were dead and one Capitol police officer was so seriously injured that he died the next day.

What happened? Why did it take so long to get help?

Many people have accurately mentioned that Black Lives Matter has faced much tougher security in social justice protests, but a historian who has seen several protests on Capitol Hill says he saw more security Other pro-Trump demonstrations. Was the Capitol intentionally left unsafe?
Once inside, according to the rape, Jim Clib, some rioters Headed straight to my office, Which is unmarked. “He gave me a hint, something untoward was happening,” he told CNN.
Investigators must answer questions about why, in the midst of the attack, Trump and Giuliani call senators and ask them to try to delay the vote on certifying Biden’s victory. Giuliani said it was because he wanted the process to be slow “so we can get you these methods to get more information.” But was anything else going to happen after the capitol was captured?
If the anger was nothing more than a spontaneous rally that was out of control, would some people in the Capitol who were carrying bundles of flex-cuffs have used plastic restrictions by law enforcement to locate the suspects?

If all this was an unplanned protest, which moved away from the rail, why did the authorities find pipe bombs in the area?

And what about the truck, parked two blocks from the Capitol and made 11 homemade bombs in such a way that federal investigators said that if the explosion had happened, Napalm would have been impacted. Court documents state that jars and supplies of explosive-laden masons can be combined together to form “destructive devices”. Officials say other participants brought hundreds of rounds of guns and ammunition.

There is no question that Trump is trying to reverse the legitimate, democratic outcome of the election. His followers believed that he was going to help them succeed. But we need to know if his attack on the bastion of American democracy was a result of the excesses of emotion, or if it was too frightening. It is worse than what we saw in those pictures which will remain engraved in the collective memory of the country. Something that will not end with Trump impeachment.


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