Ontario lockdown: Canadian province to close the day after Christmas

Ford called for the closure of a temporary and one-time measure at a news conference, at which he inspired residents to stay indoors, leaving essential needs such as groceries and health emergencies.

“Unfortunately, despite the restrictions, we have seen an increasing number of people traveling between regions within Ontario,” Ford said. “Kovid is spreading rapidly from high-spreading areas to low-case areas.”

He said it would be closed for 14 days in northern Ontario and 28 days in southern Ontario. Ontario, with a population of 14 million people, is Canada’s most populous province, accounting for approximately 38% of Canada’s 38 million people.

Ford said officials would reevaluate the situation and determine whether the sanctions needed to be extended before the initial shutdown ended.

According to the news release, hospitalization in the province has increased by 74% and intensive care unit admissions have increased by 80% in recent weeks.

The release stated that hospitals related to Kovid-19 have increased 74% in the last four weeks and ICU admissions for virus-related complications have more than doubled.

Ford told reporters that the health system is pursuing the cancellation of elective surgery, as there are already thousands of surgeries with capacity concerns.

The Premier called on the Canadian federal government to close the borders to reduce the spread from travelers.

“That’s why we constantly … asked the federal government to secure our borders – 63,000 people are going undocumented every week through Pearson International Airport,” Ford said. “And I can tell you if they won’t act further, at least, we need to test the air travelers when they arrive at the airport. This is important and if they don’t do that, we need ourselves Will do it when you fall. “

Canada announced a travel ban on UK passengers from midnight on Sunday for at least 72 hours. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Said in a tweet A new coronavirus version discovered in Britain was created to protect Canadians.

Indoor are prohibiting public events and large social gatherings from one house.

Canada begins Kovid-19 vaccination, but officials anticipate supply issues due to global scuffle

In-person services in supermarkets and pharmacies will run at 50% capacity, but nonsensical retail settings are limited to curbside pickup and delivery.

Restaurants are less for restaurants and delivery orders, with indoor and outdoor dining banned during shutdowns only.

“I want to be clear; schools are not part of the Kovid problem in our communities. But with an abundance of caution, school closures at Winter Break will be increased,” Ford said.

According to the press release, kindergarten will resume on January 11 for eighth grade students. High school students will begin learning remotely on January 11 and return to in-class instruction on January 25.


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