Only five countries in the world have administered more COVID-19 vaccines than California

After a rocky start, California’s vaccine distribution efforts are so extensive that they compete with many countries around the world.

California has distributed 10.6 million vaccines, according to the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 panel. (That’s more than 20% of the state’s population over the age of 16.)

Governor Gavin Newsom cited that statistic in a tweet Sunday in which he compared California’s launch of the vaccine to that of the world’s most populous nations, including China and India.

If the state were its own nation, it would rank sixth in distribution, behind the United States, China, India, the United Kingdom and the entire European Union, the tweet says. California recently overtook all of Brazil.

Given California’s population, 39.5 million people, more than Canada, for example, it of course makes sense that California has distributed so many vaccines.

But the fact that California has vaccinated more people than a country like Germany, even though Germany has almost twice the population of California, is impressive.

It puts into perspective the myriad challenges of vaccinating the nation’s most populous state.

California is no longer the last to distribute the vaccine based on the supply used, but it is still in the lower rungs of the Bloomberg tracker, putting the state above Texas and New York, but well below Wisconsin, the state that it has used 92% of its dose in its population.

California also ranks below average, according to Johns Hopkins, in terms of the percentage of residents who are fully vaccinated. (Three million people have received both injections, but that’s only one-eighth of the population.)

However, Newsom appears to remain optimistic that the vaccine launch in California remains one of the most powerful in the world: “Hope is here.” wrote in another Cheep.

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