Online grape-nuts prices skyrocket due to lack of coronovirus

There is yet another shortage of coronaviruses.

Grape-nuts – owned by Post Consumer Brands – are facing a shortage of product, meaning people are having a hard time finding the grain in stock.

As a result, online prices have skyrocketed, while the company works to put grape-nuts back on the shelves.

As of Friday evening, a four-pack of a 29-ounce box of grape-nuts was selling for $ 54.99 on Amazon. A 29-ounce two-pack of grape-nuts was selling for $ 39.99 on eBay.

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Meanwhile, a 64-ounce box of grape-nuts was being sold by a third-party vendor at for $ 110.90.

Grape-nuts is facing a shortage of products, causing online prices to skyrocket. (IStock)

According to The New York Times, the manufacturer-suggested retail price for the 29-ounce box is only $ 4.99.

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The Grape-Nuts website states, “We are sorry that you are having a difficult time locating this product, we would like to inform you that it has not been discontinued.” “We are currently facing a product shortage where we are not able to fill orders for this item due to adjustments in our production schedule and production availability.”

According to the website, Grape-Nuts is expected to return to the store “sometime in March 2021.”

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Post Consumer Brands did not immediately respond to Fox Business’s request for comment. However, Grape-Nuts’ brand manager Kristin DeCock told USA Today that amid the epidemic “there was a shortage of product due to lack of supply and high grain demand.”

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Although a lack of grape-nuts has been receiving recent attention, its sister grain, grape-nuts flakes, also showed a decrease at the end of last year. The brand commented on one of its own posts back in September, saying that Grape-Nuts Flex can be difficult to find in stores.

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The brand wrote, “Grape Nut Flex may be out of stock for some time due to adjustments in our production schedule to ensure that items are available.” “We know it’s frustrating when you can’t find products that you and your family enjoy.”

“Please know that our team members are working hard every day to safely produce and ship products to our consumers during this unique time of high demand,” said the brand. “We hope our Grape Nuts Flakes will be available again starting in October.”

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