OnePlus talks about the design of OxygenOS 11

OnePlus shocked many of its fans this month when it unveiled OxygenOS 11 and the major redesign that came with it. Now, in a forum post, OnePlus explains why he made this decision with the design of OxygenOS 11 and how users will benefit from those decisions.

The company states that “stock Android is a good starting point,” but believes there is much more that can be done to improve the experience. In the past, this has meant some minor UI tweaks, useful features such as color customization and some custom apps as well. With OxygenOS 11, however, OnePlus is making huge changes to its skin.

As we have previously detailed, OxygenOS 11 takes the path of using free space and smart design to make it easier to access things. OnePlus says it surveyed users and found the most preferred changes such as “headlines” for the app with below-the-fold navigation and subtitles. All these changes are the same for better usability on larger displays, with some OnePlus lineups missing.

We have always said that stock Android is a good starting point for mobile devices, but we also believe that there is a lot we can do to further improve the experience. An important part of that process is user testing, asking the user if we can fix some design aspects to improve the experience. And all the while, we apply our weightless philosophy to improve the overall look and feel.

As screens increase in size, there is unused white space. We wanted to make the most use of that space while keeping the interface easy to use. We did an A / B test with our users to determine the best size of the title, and found that 65% preferred a slightly shorter title. In addition, 80% of users tested preferred titles without subtitles rather than without. The result is a new headline-body hierarchy streamlining information distribution in oxygen head 11.

Of course, OnePlus’s post does not address the elephant in the room. The design of OxygenOS 11 is basically the same as Samsung’s OneUI, and the reasons that OnePlus has been offered are the same ones that Samsung introduced to us in 2019.

Phones are larger now, and can be of little help in dealing with smart software design. Cold.

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