OnePlus Nord devices appear to display display tinning issues

It seems that some early OnePlus Nord models are already experiencing performance issues including “purple-tint” and off-axis color problems.

Reports have already appeared on Reddit and the official OnePlus Forums includes numerous complaints of performance issues since receiving pre-orders for their OnePlus Nord. Owners are complaining that when the brightness of the AMOLED display decreases below 25%, the darker parts of the display tend to display color casts or “tinning” toward the lower half of the display.

Given that OnePlus 8 Pro initially suffered from similar problems, it is unclear whether this is a build issue or something that can be resolved with software updates. A recent OxygenOS OTA update has mitigated the “green-tint” issues that were hurting some OnePlus 8 Pro owners, but we’re not really sure the issues on the Nord were resolved through a software patch can go.

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At low brightness, as noted in our own review, we’ve noted performance issues and tinting problems when using the OnePlus Nord:

Praise aside, I’ve noticed some issues with performance on low brightness on my device. Going below the 20% limit, there are significant yellow or green tint issues on my particular unit. You can also see banding along the notched portion of the screen. I believe this may be a construction flaw with my device, but it is something to note. When depressing, this problem only appears when auto-brightness is enabled. To reduce this I often keep the brightness set at 60% and have not had any problems since.

As you can see from the video of the problem above, this issue is very obvious when used in dark subjects and dark environments. We have found that at brightness levels above 60%, we stop seeing performance issues on our OnePlus Nord review units. This may not be a “reasonable” solution, but it may alleviate the issues that you should see now, until an official response is forthcoming.

We have reached out to OnePlus for a comment on these Nord performance issues and have provided the following statements:

OnePlus Nord comes with a high quality 90 Hz AMOLED screen. Under typical conditions of low brightness, a slight display discoloration may occur due to the properties of the AMOLED display – this is characteristic of all OLED displays and the degree of discoloration will vary depending on the display’s other properties. This is not a quality issue and will not affect daily use or durability of the screen. OnePlus will continue to focus on cutting-edge display technologies and strive to provide the best user experience.

We will have to wait and see how the company responds to any potential complaints in the coming weeks – even if the issues are not widely encountered. Have you experienced any issues with your OnePlus Nord display? Tell us in the comment section below.

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