OnePlus debuts for the mysterious “OnePlus World”

oneplus world teaser

  • OnePlus debuted “OnePlus World” on 1 October.
  • Early indications suggest that this is a virtual space for fans or products.
  • It comes exactly two weeks before the OnePlus 8T launch.

OnePlus may start the launch of 8T with something different … separately. The company has Teased, (Via GizmoChina) Premiered OnePlus World on 1 October, with hints that it could be a virtual space.

The teaser does not include many details, but the picture suggests that OnePlus is launching a virtual reality-like environment with the avatar. It can be a community center or a product showcase – assuming it is nothing else entirely. We will not rely on the need for a VR headset if it is a digital environment. The adoption of VR technology is still low enough that relatively few fans will have the necessary hardware.

oneplus world virtual teaser class

OnePlus is no stranger to the virtual world at least. It used an augmented reality app to launch Nord due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The online space will also be helpful when customers are not always comfortable visiting the physical locations of OnePlus.

Time is also difficult to ignore. OnePlus World is appearing two weeks before the introduction of the 8T and may represent a way to discuss or showcase the new phone. Whatever the world is for, it’s clear that OnePlus will be quite busy falling – the new hardware is just one part of a bigger picture.

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