OnePlus Android 11 preview shows 8T, prepares RCS, and more

OnePlus is now largely working on its OxygenOS 11 release, powered by Android 11, and the company has released a few preview versions so far. In the latest release, Developer Preview 4, we have uncovered some new features and details that the company is working on. A quick look here.

OnePlus Message App Preparing RCS Support

Right now RCS is a big thing in sending messages for Android, and it is slowly rolling out thanks to the efforts of carriers and Google around the world. Now, OnePlus is showing signs of better support for the feature. In Android 11, the company’s own messaging app is laying the foundation for RCS support.

A debug menu within the OnePlus messages app shows some options for RCS messaging, including checking the framework state and debugging the server address. Of course, it is still early days so the functionality is not yet alive, but it seems that this is something OnePlus does not want to bring users too far into the future.

Easy to access game mode w / OxygenOS 11

Mobile games have been a selling point for OnePlus phones, and the company has only improved that aspect with software. In this latest Android 11 preview, OnePlus is improving its game mode with a new overlay that is available with a swipe from the top right or top left corner of the display in a diagonal direction.

Once users see a message telling them about this new feature, and when it is used, there is a shortcut to Fnatic mode, battery and temperature statistics, as well as touch prevention, information blocking and screen recorder .

This may be our first look on OnePlus 8T

Hidden within the latest Android 11 developer preview for OnePlus 8 is also potentially a first glance at the OnePlus 8T. A single render shows a phone that is similar to the current OnePlus 8, but appears to dig up the curved display. This render will appear in the “About Phones” section of the Settings app on OxygenOS.

The render can be easily swapped, but at the very least it tells us that OnePlus is actually debuting on the OnePlus 8T.

Note: This render has also previously appeared on OxygenUpdater, But we have sorted it ourselves from the developer preview.

OnePlus is working on at least some other smartphones

Finally, we discovered evidence for four smartphones in development at OnePlus:

  • billie2
  • billie2t
  • billie8
  • billie8t

The codename “Billy” was first leaked last month From max j on twitter And mentioned by XDA Too. At the moment, it is still unclear what these phones will be. It is entirely possible that these will be mid-range devices, but with Four In pipeline devices, this leaves the possibilities wide open. Based on currently available information, it appears that at least some of these devices may be related to the “Clover” and Snapdragon 690-powered mid-range OnePlus devices previously rumored. The only detail we can find about these devices is that all four feature the “X Linear Vibration Motor” that OnePlus 7 Pro has been using since.

In particular, the “T” versions are probably T-Mobile versions Mishal rahman pointed After publishing this article. It also means that these devices are coming to the US.

However, we can say with some confidence that none of these codenames are for the OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro, as the “InstantMoodle” codenames are, and the OnePlus 8T is unlikely. Is reportedly Codename “Kebab”.

First september security patch

One final tidbit: Android 11 DP4 on OnePlus 8 running with a September security patch. This is the first rollout of that patch so far and, in particular, one of the fastest turnarounds we’ve ever done for OnePlus.

Dylan Roussel Contributed to this article.

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