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One student shoots another at North Carolina high school, says police

Joseph Hanks, 32, had just dropped his son off at school after 7 a.m. when he saw people screaming, screaming and running out of school.

"I saw a police officer in a full-fledged race come to me, running as fast as he can," Hanks said in a telephone interview. "I heard what it sounded like someone had gone through the A. system, I think they were talking about closing the school."

Mr. Hanks immediately began to think about how to get his son and him out of the area as quickly as possible. His son, Brennan Timmons, 15, had arrived at the entrance of the school when he heard the officer shout at him to leave. Brennan ran back to her father's car.

"He told me:" There's an active shooter at school, "said Hanks. "The other children were screaming that there was a shooter, and they were all leaving, trying to escape from school."

After the shooting, many students were picked up by their parents, but classes remained in session for students who had not been picked up, according to Dr. Wilcox.

Following the shooting at the school in Parkland, Florida, in February, which left 17 dead, Dr. Wilcox proposed to the county commissioners a $ 1.5 billion budget that included teacher salary increases and funds for safety measures. school. The budget allocated $ 9 million for hardened doors, two locksmiths, perimeter fences, additional locks, glass reinforcements and surveillance cameras in the classroom. The budget also allocated $ 600,000 for nine security posts that included five police officers.

The budget was approved in June.

"I do not know how a young person gets" a gun in North Carolina, said Dr. Wilcox, "but we're going to investigate all these things and make sure it never happens again."

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