One of the most popular features of Google Assistant is increasingly useful.

Google announced on Wednesday a series of updates to Google Assistant, including an improvement in transmission, one of the most popular features of the badistants with artificial intelligence. The new updates arrive before the Christmas shopping season, when the devices enabled for the Google Assistant, such as the Google Home Hub, will be on par with the devices enabled for Amazon's Alexa.

The streaming feature allows you to send a message from your phone to smart speakers and smart screens in your home. Now, the recipients of those messages can respond from a smart screen or a smart speaker, by sending a message to their phone. The response will activate a notification on your phone and the message will be transcribed.

Google is also taking advantage of devices that match Google Assistant with visual content to offer customers the recommended recipes. "Smart screens, such as Google Home Hub, Lenovo Smart Display or JBL Link View, are perfect partners in the kitchen to find recipes and get cooking instructions step by step," Google said in its blog post.

Google is also adding more children's stories and family content that the Google Assistant can share. It is also giving Google Assistant more family-friendly answers to questions like, "Hey, Google, I lost my tooth." Family-friendly answers are available when children under the age of 13 log in to devices such as Google Home through the Family Link application.

In addition, users can set alarms for popular animated characters with the Google Assistant in intelligent speakers. For example, a user might say: "Hi Google, set up a Teen Mutant Ninja Turtle alarm for 8:00 PM".

Voice-activated badistants are becoming more ubiquitous, in part due to the rapid growth in the smart speaker market. According to Strategy Analytics, global shipments of smart loudspeakers in the second quarter reached 11.7 million units, compared to 3.9 million in the second quarter of 2017. Google Home Mini was the most popular speaker in the second quarter, but Amazon is still the dominant player in the market. Amazon recently introduced the Alexa Presentation Language, which allows developers to create voice experiences with graphics, images, slide shows, and videos.

The updates announced on Wednesday include a couple focused on Android phones. Google is adding the Routines application to the watch for Android phones. This means that a user can activate their morning routine, which can include finding weather information and turning on the coffee machine after turning off their morning alarm. Users can customize their routine with the Clock application.

Google Assistant will soon be able to change Android devices to do not disturb with a single command.

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