One killed, 17 injured in a pile of 134 cars in Japan

Officials said a man was killed and 17 people were injured when a pile of 134 cars collapsed during a blizzard in northern Japan on Tuesday.

The accident – which took eight hours to clear – also left 200 people stranded on Miyagi’s Tohoku Expressway.

Tokyo-based news agency Kyodo News reported that the accident occurred when the blizzard struck at 60 mph amid a gust of wind and caused nearly two feet of snow to fall over northern Japan.

A truck was mowed and piled into a passenger car shortly before local time amid poor visibility in the storm.

Kyodo said the storm forced transit officials to close the East Japan Railway.

Details of the dead man and extent of injuries were not immediately available.

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On January 19, 2021 on the icy Tohoku Expressway in Osaki City, northern Japan, cars got stuck after a car accident and pileup.
Cars are stuck on the icy Tohoku Expressway in Osaki City, northern Japan after a car crash and hauling on January 19, 2021.
Yusuke Ogata / Kyodo News via AP


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